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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Ming's Pretty Heroes is a artist , originally from The Netherlands.

General information about Ming's Pretty Heroes


English Name Ming's Pretty Heroes
Origin The Netherlands

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2010


Ming’s Pretty Heroes is the Dutch band around half Chinese and quarter Dutch singer and songwriter Ai Ming Oei.

With a band hungry for challenging sounds and arrangements, don’t expect the typical singer/songwriter vibe. Alternative Pop Music with an Atmospheric Electronic Edge.

In 2010 Ming’s Pretty Heroes toured both Germany and Beijing. They've just finished recording their second album "Karma" and will tour China from april 29th till may 8th with shows at Midi Festivals Beijing and Shanghai and the band will play at Nanjing Music Festival.

Ming’s Pretty Heroes 乐队是围绕着具有一半中国血统和四分之一荷兰血统的歌手兼曲作者黄爱明而组建的。

Taken from their Website:

A pretty hero, complete with tight cat suit and cape fluttering around his broad shoulders. He flies from building to building, saving the world from its demise. As fantastic as that sounds, something's just not quite right...

On Ming's Pretty Heroes debut album called "OK Mr. Mix" (released in september 2009, benelux), this is exactly what is questioned. From the world and its strange leaders to personal grievances, it all comes to life with the use of creative synthesizers, heavy drums, an actual omnichord and a string quartet. These and many other special ingredients all perfectly support Ming's truthful lyrics, synergizing to abduct and transport you to the very darkest of places, which somehow end up being strangely pleasant.

Ming's Pretty Heroes is the band around singer and songwriter Ming (1985, Rotterdam) and is completed by the wonderful guitarist Sander van Dijck, the equally wonderful Flamisch drummer Jordi Geuens and just as wonderful keyplayer Frans Verburg. In January 2008 MPH released the EP "Cut off from Gravity" . Over the summer in 2009 Ming and her fellows won a national price for the Dutch NCRV. Judges: "We unanimously decided on the very surprising, creative, red-haired talent Ai Ming Oei and her musicians. Ming immediately caught our eye."

Soon Ming signed with independent record label Coast to Coast and released Ok Mr. Mix in September in sold-out pop venue Rotown. Ok Mr. Mix immediately appeared in the alternative charts and the Dutch bubbling charts. Reviews praised Ok Mr. Mix saying "Ming is certainly pushing the envelope, exploring the vast possibilities of her genre". Also "The forty minutes exhibit a style that is completely unique" and that "Listeners will be met with pleasant surprises each time they press play, discovering all the beauty hidden in this album".

The year after the Ok Mr. Mix release, 2010, was a fruitful year for MPH. The band played two international tours, one through China and a three week tour through Germany, and ended 2010 by winning the VSB Music Matters Award in december. Ming's Pretty Heroes was awarded a financial support for the recording of their second album and Ming will be 2011's Music Ambassador of Rotterdam.

Currently hard work, lots of creativity, love and inspiration is being put into the second album. It will be recorded Antwerp in february 2011 and is to be titled "Karma". The album will be released in Europe in September 2011. Their first single "25 to Life" will be released in May 2011. Stay tuned!

Much Love!

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