Mini Midi 2007

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Mini Midi 2007

General information

As part of the Midi Music Festival 2007.

Mini MIDI, the offsite/experimental arm of the annual MIDI Festival in Beijing and one of the two major nationwide new music/sound art festivals in China, is coming again on May 1. Kudos to curator Yan Jun, who managed to keep it going for three years.

I’m forwarding this schedule from Super Sonic China, with a bit of format adjustment. The concerts will take place at Haidian Park.

May 1

  • pm2:20 Dead J
  • pm3:10 Zhou Risheng 周日升
  • pm3:50 nara + Xiao Wei
  • pm4:30 Tieguanyin Duo 铁观音二重奏 (Yan Jun 颜峻 + Wu Na 乌娜)
  • pm5:10 Justin Zhong Minjie 钟敏杰
  • pm5:50 Jackson Garland (USA)
  • pm6:30 Wu Quan 武权
  • pm7:10 Lin Zhiying 林志英
  • pm8:00 Jan Jelinek feat. Kosmischer Pitch (Germany)

May 2

  • pm2:20 Wu Fei 呉非
  • pm2:50 RandomK(e)
  • pm3:30 Andrew Pekler (Germany)
  • pm4:20 Jan Jelinek (Germany)
  • pm5:10 10 (Japan/Korea)
  • pm5:50 SULUMI
  • pm6:30 Portalenz (Japan)
  • pm7:10 Hanno Leichtmann (Germany)
  • pm8:00 Fish and the Bedroom Riot (Taiwan)

May 3

  • pm2:20 Zafka (Zhang Anding 张安定)
  • pm3:00 Walnut Room (Feng Hao 冯昊 + Li Zenghui 李增辉)
  • pm3:40 Ma Fei San 麻沸散
  • pm4:30 Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou
  • pm5:10 iLoop
  • pm5:50 Wang Fan 王凡
  • pm6:30 Xiao He 小河
  • pm7:20 TronOrchestra + SAM2 + SomeMoreSams +
  • pm8:00 FM3 + Special guest

Further information