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Mini Midi Festival, experimental music festival part of the larger Midi Music Festival

Mini Midi is the only outdoor experimental music festival in China, the extension of non-stop Waterland Kwanyin, the experimental stage of Midi Music Festival, the next life of underground rock, the relative of noise, a party of independent organizations. Free & Serious fun.

General Information

Time: annually, usually at the same time as the Midi Music Festival, either May 1st-3rd/4th or October 1st-3rd/4th

Curator: Yan Jun


Master List of all Mini Midi Festivals


Mini Midi is a part of Midi Music Festival, which is the earliest and largest outdoor music festival in China. The Mini Midi, first occurring in 2005, as the experimental stage of Midi Music Festival

Mini Midi, held together with Midi Festival annually, is sponsored by Beijing Midi Productions and undertook by Sub Jam.

The Mini Midi Festival is a non-profit event, presenting a wide variety of adventurous modern music including: experimental, avant-garde, improvised, electronic, noise, and sonic art. The Festival is one of the only two music festivals of its kind (the other is 2pi Festival in Hangzhou) and is also a extension of Waterland Kwanyin, which is a weekly free event since 2005. The team of the Festival is fundamentally made up of volunteers.

The 1st Mini Midi was a three-day event featuring 22 acts, the 2nd Mini Midi was a four-day event presenting 23 acts, and the 3rd Mini Midi was a three-day event bringing 27 acts, including Staalplaat Soundsystem, Jan Jelinek, DDV, FM3, Xiao He, Wang Fan, Dajuin Yao, Lin Chiwei, Sulumi, Li Jianhong and more from Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Datong, Tsingdao, Taipei, Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, America, Holland and Malaysia.

The first to the third Mini Midi was held in Beijing Haidian Park.

Further Information