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Miserable Faith is a Hardcore, Metal artist in Beijing, originally from Beijing.

General information about Miserable Faith

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English Name Miserable Faith
Chinese Name 痛苦的信仰 / tòngkǔ de xìnyǎng
Genre Hardcore, Metal
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 1999
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Band members

Lead Vocals - Gao Hu (高虎)

Guitar - Song Jie 宋捷

Guitar - Tian Ran 田然

Bass - Zhang Jing 张静

Harmonica - Qi Jing 齐静

Drums - Chi Gongwei aka Dawei (遅功偉 or 大伟)

Former band members

Guitar - Li Yu Chuan, Guitar - Qi Lin, Drums - Zhang Bin, Sound Effects - Mao Dou


1999 - 2001

Miserable Faith in 2001, photo: Scream Records

Miserable Faith was founded in July 1999 by students of the Beijing Midi school for modern music. Their first live performance was on September 26th the same year in the Everyday Bar.

Therefore it doesn't surprise, that the band played also live on the Midi Festival for Modern Music in 2000. August the same year they rocked in the Gymnasium of Anshan, Liaoning Province. August 25th, they performed in the U-Like bar in Shanghai. September 16th, they performed in Cangzhou during the 滄州第一回非主流音楽会 event. September 29th, they performed in the 夏日 bar in Shijiazhuang. October 31st, they performed at the All Saint's Day Memorial party.

In May 2001, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2001.

In the same year Miserable Faith signed a contract and released their first record "This's A Problem" in September.

Miserable Faith's fame grew and grew, so that in 2001 it was called "the best new metal band in Beijing."


January 1st 2002, Miserable Faith performs live in Kunming's Chinese Resident Art Festival.

August 18th, they performed in the Snow Mountain Music Festival.


Miserable Faith at Midi 2003; photo: Yoshito Katori

On January 11th, they rocked the Get Lucky Bar. On January 26th, they performed in Changsha's 聖地亜哥 bar. Then Zhang Bing leaves the band and Miserable Faith is on hold. In April, as the lineup consisted of Gao Hu (Vocals), 田然 (Guitars), Zhang Jing (Bass) and Chi Gongwei (Drums), they performed live for the first time on the 12th in the Get Lucky Bar. This concert was recorded and later on released as 2003 April 12th Beijing Get Lucky Bar Live by 行動 Records. July 18th, they performed during the 美国占辺揺滾・・・明日之音原動力 event in the Get Lucky Bar. July 19th, they performed at the 汽車電影院で野. August 8th, they performed in Tianjin's 天津遊楽場 during the Fourth Tianjin Music Festival. August 22nd, they rocked the Chaoyang park during the 非主流音楽節 festival. September 6th, they performed in Xi'an. September 20th, they celebrated their 4th year anniversary in the Get Lucky Bar. September 21st they performed in the City University's Banana迪斯科広場. October 3rd, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2003. For that gig, for various reasons, Zhu Xiao Long (Tongue) joined with a guest performance. Furthermore, as they had already joined Midi for the second year in a row, their popularity was on a high. October 11th, they rocked the HaiYang Park in Chongqing dueing the 重慶長江流揺滾音楽節 music festival. October 26th, they performed in the Nameless Highland during the 揺滾楽力量撃退病魔(姚[女亭])関愛-祝福大型公益演出! concert. October 31st they rocked the Get Lucky Bar during their live Halloween party. November 8th, they performed in Shenyang. November 15th, they performed in the 捧捧迪DISCO. November 22nd, they rocked the People's University of China during the 吶喊公益揺滾歌会 event. November 29th, they peformed in Harbin during the 黒龍江第二届華夏揺滾音楽節. December 20th, they performed in the B52 bar. December 31st they rocked Guangzhou's 時代的晩上---広州・中国新年揺滾音楽節 new year event.


January 1st, they performed at Guangzhou's SOLO bar. On April 8th, they joined the Remembering Kurt Cobain concert at Beijing's New Get Lucky Bar. April 27th, they rocked the New MD bar in Tianjin. August 15th, they performed during the ROCK LIVE LIJIANG event in Lijiang. September 17th, they hold their 5 years anniversary party in the Get Lucky Bar. October 2nd, they rocked on the Midi Music Festival 2004. November 22nd, they joined the 3 years anniversary party of 中国地下音楽網 in the Nameless Highland. December 3rd, they rocked the New Get Lucky Bar joining the band competition of the Zippo Hot Tour--火熱之旅2004 燃点揺滾新勢力. December 24th, they performed in the 13Club. December 25th, they performed in the Nameless Highland during their Christmas party. December 31st they performed in the 上歩根拠地 bar.


January 1st they rocked in Nanshan. January 2nd they performed in Guangzhou's SOLO Bar, January 14th they had returned to Beijing to perform in the 13 Club without other acts supporting. May 4th, they performed in the Chaoyang park during the 第二届朝陽流行音楽周 (Chaoyang Pop Festival). June 3rd, they rocked Tianjin's CLUB ISLAND bar. June 18th, they performed in Tianjin. July 31st they performed in Chongqing's 大田湾[口卑]酒節 festival. August 1st, they performed in Chongqing's 第一現場音楽 bar. August 27th, they performed during the 緑色北京-露天音楽節 festival. October 3rd, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2005. October 31st, they performed in the New Get Lucky Bar during their Live Halloween party. December 31st, they performed in the New Get Lucky Bar.


Miserable Faith in 2006, April 4th, Shanghai 021 Bar, photo: Yoshito Katori

February 28th, their EP Bu is released and they celebrate the release with a concert at the 南門空間劇場. Yang Yilang supported the gig as drummer and shortly afterwards joins the band as regular drummer. In March their song 在路上 (On the streets) is published in the Tongsu Gequ Vol. 313 magazine. The same month Miserable Faith start their national tour through China: March 2nd in Baoding, March 4th in Anyang, March 8th in Hefei, March 11th in Wuhan, March 12th in Nanchang, March 14th in Changsha, March 17th in Zhuhai, March 18th in Guangzhou, March 25th in Quanzhou, March 26th in Fuzhou, March 29th in Ningbo, March 31st in Shanghai (Shuffle Music Bar), April 1st in Suzhou, April 2nd in Hangzhou, April 4th in Shanghai (021 Bar), April 6th in Nanjing, April 13th in a town in Shandong province, April 15th in Qingdao, April 19th in Dalian (Rock Action Club), April 21st in Fushun, April 22nd in Shenyang, April 23rd in Tangshan, April 25th in Tianjin, April 27th in Cangzhou, April 29th in Shijiazhuang. May 4th, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2006. Then they restart touring through China: May 13th in Xi'an, May 15th in Mianyang, May 17th in Leshan, May19th in Chengdu, May 20th & May 21st in Chongqing, May 23rd in Guiyang, May 25th in Kunming, May 27th in Dali, June 2nd in Nanning, June 3rd in Guilin, June 9th in 烟台. June 14th, they performed live in the Yugong Yishan. June 16th they rocked Shenyang's 記念中国揺滾20年 festivel. June 30th, they performed in the 13 Club. July 7th, they rocked the 激情世界杯-新広源狂歓夜 event in 済南. July 20th, they performed in the Starlive. July 22nd they rocked in Shenzhen's 世界之窗 during the 昨天-今天--南中国揺滾音楽節 event. After three weeks they restart their touring activities. August 31st, they rocked Changchun, September 2nd in Daqing, September 3rd in Qiqihar, September 5th in Chifeng, September 7th in Baotou, September 8th in Yinchuan, September 9th in Lanzhou, September 10th in Xining, September 12th in Xinxiang. October 2nd, they performed in Guangdong's 首届中国(増城)揺滾&[口卑]酒狂歓節曁第五届新塘国際牛仔服装節 festival. November 16th, they rocked the Yugong Yishan during the 以揺滾的名義 - 拯救小阿福大型義演 event. December 23rd they performed in Tianjin during the 聖誕揺滾万人狂歓 event. December 25th, they performed in the International Cultural Exchange Center of the Beijing University of Technology.


In January the members of Miserable Faith open a music school course in which they are the instructors. On March 16th, they perform in the 4 Live in Shanghai. Thereafter Gao Hu, 張靜 and 新彊 travel to Nepal, Xinjiang, Tibet and Yunnan, so the band pauses during that time. In September the band is back together and Chi Gongwei supports on the drums. In October one of their songs is included in the magazine 音楽時空 2007.10. From November 27th until December 16th they performed together with Suffocated in a theatre piece at the Capital Theatre in Beijing.


From April 5th to 19th, they performed again together with Suffocated in a theatre piece at the Capital Theatre in Beijing. At that time the members of Miserable Faith are Gao Hu (vocals), 田然 and 宋捷 on guitars, Cheng Yisheng on the bass and Chigongwei behind the drumkit. July 26th, they performed at the Get Lucky Bar. August 2nd, they rocked the 13 Club in Tianjin. August 8th, they performed in the Mao. On September 2nd, their record The Music Won't Be Stopped is released. In October the tour DVD of their 2006 China tour On My Way - The Live of Miserable Faith (DVD) (Miserable Faith) is released. October 25th they hold a CD release concert in the Starlive.


Miserable Faith in 2009

April 17th, 9PM - 11PM, they recorded the record 改变你的生活 with MicroMu at the 仓库酒吧 bar. The record was released by MicroMu on June 19th 2009. A song of theirs was featured in the So Rock! Magazine (no. 89) in August 2009. August 9th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Main Stage.

Oct. 24 -- They win Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Rock Band of the year at the MIDI Heroes music awards.


Miserable Faith on May 4th at Midi 2010 performing an accoustic set, Photo: Beijing Daze
Miserable Faith at the JiangjinJiu bar in December 2010, Photo: Beijing Daze

In May they released their record Bloom. May 1st, 2010, they performed at the Strawberry Music Festival 2010. According to Beijing Daze: Miserable Faith performing like the seasoned veterans they are at Strawberry Festival[1] and Miserable Faith also delivered a masterful performance on the day and the crowd listening to them spilled all over the place trying to get a piece of the show. They had tho make a few safety announcements for audience members to be careful with edges and stay safe. These guys know how to work a crowd![2] According to Beijing Gig Guide: pretty palat­able hard rock for the metal stage[3] On May 4th, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010. Due to the heavy rains and thunderstorm electricity was cut by the park authorities and many bands and fans decided to leave, Miserable Faith however stayed and performed an accoustic set to roughly 2000 enthusiastic fans. According to Beijing Daze: The crowd roared in approval and got even louder when Gao Hu (高虎) of Miserable Faith came out armed with a megaphone and a guitar! You should have seen the place explode in cheers as he started singing mostly Capella style in the megaphone one their biggest hits:公路之歌 especially as they got to the chorus 一直往南方开… If I’ve ever seen a crowd starved for music, it was those folks standing there in the mud singing along. (...) Miserable Faith came out armed with acoustic guitars, accordion, flutes and ripped through a amazing set of their biggest hits, fully unplugged to a crowd i would estimate at 3 or 4 thousands singing in unison and fully appreciative of the effort that was being made to deliver what they came for despite all the problems. We were all there together celebrating music despite the cold, the rain, the lack of power and everything else that got in the way! It was magical! (...) They played 6 songs in total and brought it to a close with an appropriately titled song: 不要停止我的音乐 (don’t stop my music).[4] According to Jon Campbell and his cited source Victor Huey, the final day of Midi and Miserable Faith's persistence as well as the persistence of the audience throughout the storm leading to the joint chanting of "The International"

was a moment to remember in Chinese rock history. The resilience of the Chinese rock scene to make it happen when the gods made it impossible to perform... This may be the moment I have been trying to shoot for twenty-four years.[5]

December 28th -?-, they performed in the JiangjinJiu bar. According to Beijing Daze: It was exceptionally good to see the band up close an personal, within arm reach! They sounded great, on the spot with each and every tune. Gao Hu 高虎 is such a humble frontman that seems to enjoy every song. He’s always bowing to the audience and delivering soulful bluesy performances! The rest of the band is just as good even though they looked different on that particular wednesday. They performed their hits with the crowd singing along to songs like 不要停止我的音乐 (don’t stop my music). The classic 为你唱首歌 (song for you) went over extremely well. They even performed some of their earlier/heavier song like 哪里有压迫哪里就有反抗 (where there is oppression there is resistance) which sounded extremely cool in an unplugged setting![6]


On September 16th, 2011, they performed at the Zhengzhou's 7Live, the last show in that livehouse before it relocated. According to Shanzai Laowai: They sounded fine for what they play. (...) It was SRO and all of the kids were into it to the point of singing along with each and every song on student military drill levels of participation. I dug that. Crowd was hot the entire night, unquestionably 110% into the band. People walked away smiling when the night was capped. The band stuck around and signed anything handed to them. They played for over 90 minutes and the laoban claimed it would be the only show on their tour where they played stripped down ("unplugged," if you will).[7]

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