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Monitor Records is a Hong Kong-based music shop selling various rare and alternative CDs and music items. Monitor Records is also a distributor of Hong Kong indie bands and independent musicians such as the Pancake, Elf Fatima and Alok. They also import various indie bands and musicians from all over the world, like Edson and Nobukazu Takemura. Monitor Records is located in Jordan, Kowloon.


Introductio & History

Organized in 1989, "Monitor Records", formerly "Monitor Bi-Weekly" became a retail frontier dealer rather than an alternative magazine to introduce and publish musical articles from those titles which were extremely difficult to be found in Hong Kong, thus directly collect musical products from around the world and introduce to the music lovers. Even before, those artists probably were seldom concerned or nobody talked about. We would like to provide to the music lovers for more different choices.

"Monitor" is not a myth, but is a self-confident and the taste symbol. We like to attempt brand-new good and creative music, certainly does not care about whether they are well-known or not.

"Monitor" is music lover's informer, pays attention for everybody who looks for "the good object". We are in the vision "monitor", in sense of hearing "headphone". This is the meaning of today’s "Monitor Records" and the former "Monitor Bi-Weekly".

Experienced for 15 years, "Monitor Records" started from the retail dealer and grew to be a wholesaler and distributor. We established the goodwill for ourselves here and for many of artists who introduced by us, it even extended to the territories of China, Taiwan and other Southeast Asia countries.

The homepage establishment, with no doubt is a general orientation. Inquires and requests of mail order were became more and more from many music lovers live in Southeast Asia and China. A homepage for “Monitor Records” is a must. We also hope to exchange the music experience with more music lovers from different countries, and also give an easy way for them to find what they want.

Thanks friends who grow together with "Monitor" and much appreciate your unceasing support and encouragement!

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