Monroe Stahr

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Monroe Stahr, Shanghai foreigner rock band


  • Nicky Almasy - vocals, guitar
  • Nathan Denny - vocals, guitar
  • Andres Barros - bass, vocals
  • Davide Zabeo - drums & good thoughts


Monroe Stahr is a band that play their own style of high calibre rock music, which fuses memorable pop melodies with intelligent lyrics and some mighty fine musicianship.

[take from their website]

Monroe Stahr was formed in January 2009 in Shanghai by four friends from different parts of the world; Davide Zabeo (Italy), Andres Barros (Ecuador), Nathan Denny (USA) and Nicky Almasy (Hungary).

Davide, Andres and Nicky (on bass back then) had a band before together called The Extras but it broke up in a few months after changing several singers. After the band fell apart the guys remained in Shanghai trying different kinds of projects.

During 2008 Nicky started to write his own material, switched from bass to guitar and recorded a few of his songs with american producer, Tim Edwards. Among these tracks were "Summer Starts Here", "Losing Sleep" and "You Hated London".

Later that year the trio were back together again cause they couldn't keep away from music. During these times they hooked up with american guitarist, Nathan Denny who played before with Andres and Davide. The line up eventually finalized by January 2009 when the band started to practice Nicky's songs and added new ideas to the originals. They picked the Monroe Stahr name (originally Nicky's band's name in London) and took over several live venues to promote their material as well as recording their first self financed CD named "Dashijie" at the same time. The CD was released on May 15th, and since then the band has been doing extensive gigging in the most important live music and rock venues in Shanghai.

You can find 3 songs for free download in this link: