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Monstereo is a psychedelic rock band from Bergen, Norway. (Not to be confused with the metal band Monstereo from US)

This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Monstereo is a psychedelic rock artist , originally from Norwayk.

General information about Monstereo

Monstereo (Norway) Logo.jpg

English Name Monstereo
Genre psychedelic rock
Origin Norwayk


Psychedelic rock from Bergen, Norway!

Groove, noise, jam, drone

Monstereo is an uncompromising, psychedelic rock band from Bergen. With inspiration from, among others, Motorpsycho, Serena - Maneesh, Sonic Youth, Yes, old hard-rock, they create their own exploding universe with good sound and good mood.

Groove, impact, noise and soaring jams have been used to describe the music, and that they often stick a foot or two into the drone countries.

Monstereo is a monster on live shows, but the recordings are explosive.

The first single titled “SonicWALL / Repeat, rewind”, clocks in just under 13 minutes.

They will performe on the Shanghai Midi Music Festival 2012 in April

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