Mu Liang Wen Wang

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Mu Liang Wen Wang 暮良文王, experimental band from Beijing by famous musician Dou Wei

Line Up

Drums: Dou Wei

Trumpet: Wen Bin

Vocalist: Wang Xiaofang


taken from Dou Wei:

In 2002 Dou Wei has formed another new project called "Mu Liang Wen Wang" (Mu Liang stands for Dou Wei, Wen stands for trumpet player Wen Bin and Wang for dulcimer player and vocalist Wang Xiaofang). This time Dou Wei has devoted to his new works that is similar to the neo-Chinese-folk. With dulcimer as the main instrument, added with some fragments of ambient music, a little bit experimental sound and noise, Chinese percussion segments, and jazz drums, MLWW has freed the dulcimer and flute and other Chinese folk instruments from the melody stereotypes, they even use the academic minimalism to create a layering, expansive atmosphere.

MLWW recorded a 2cd album "Live On, Gloriette by Water" on March 2002. As Dou Wei recalled the recording process was quite simple and fast, the three of them got together and talked for hours, mostly about things that has nothing to do with music. When their musical visions and feelings hit and kindled, they went into the studio and finished the first part of recording in a few hours, the second part took a little longer. "Live On, Gloriette by Water" is quite improvisational a recording, it might be the best effort of Chinese new music in the last few years, it is Dou Wei's new experiment with Oriental music, it conveys his music emotions and visions, it's a resplendent and difficult try. MLWW is a good new start for Dou Wei.