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Muscle Snog Logo

Muscle Snog, Shanghai psychedelic indie-rock band

Muscle Snog are the latest band to enter Shanghai's tiny post-rock scene, and winners of the prize for strangest name (and logo)



Vocals / Synthesizer: Vivien Albarn

Vocals / Guitar: Asthma Writers Union

Guitar: Godspeed You! Black Panda

Drums: Z.K.

Bass: Sansan (33 (ex-33rd Island, also Boojii and Duck Fight Goose))


Asked on the origin of their bands' name Muscle Snog, Vivien Fan states that

When we first started, Muscle Snog was just me and Mai Mai. He asked me if I wanted to be in a band and I said I did. He said I could choose the name and I came up with two for him to choose from: Muscle Cat and Crystal Snog. He thought about it, then said let's call ourselves Muscle Snog and I just thought 'genius'![1]

Back in 2005 Mai Mai and Vivien Fan were both at university, with Mai Mai being in a band called Pillow Walker and he was looking for a keyboard player. At that time they both had a mutual friend who told Vivien Fan about this and Vivien decided to try it out. Vivien was also in a band at my university at the time, but it was just a cover band. Vivien spoke to Mai Mai and the other band members online and they got on really well so Vivien went to see one of their rehearsals. After he'd seen them rehearse a few times, they broke up and nothing really happened, but Vivien kept in touch with them online. Then one day in 2006, Mai Mai asked Vivien if he wanted to form a band and he told him that he wanted to. After a while they found a guitarist, Panda, and then they started practising. They had their first performance on March 9th 2007 at Live Bar.[1]

October 2007, they are featured in the podcast Pissing On The Bamboo Curtain.

July 13th 2008, Carsick Cars performed at the Yu Yin Tang in Shanghai with only one support act: two members of Muscle Snog. According to Andy Best they weredoing a 20 minute experimental/noise improvisation.[2] In August their song The Boy With Burning Legs is included in Pocket Music 17.

At the end of September 2009, rumours appeared that Muscle Snog's first and maybe last studio album Mind Shop was up for release within a short time (beginning of October).[3] However in the beginning of November the album was still not out for sale due to problems with the paper booklet attached to it, yet it was announced by Maybe Noise records that the record should be out within a short time well within November.[4]

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