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Self introduction

The Music Conservatory of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) is located by the West Lake in Hangzhou, where Li ShuTong, the pioneer of the contemporary music education in China, engaged in composing and teaching here in his early years. The Music Conservatory is recognized as the most beautiful conservatories in China, and also one of the most primary original places of the contemporary music education in China. Music college now has the national characteristics of the key subject professional, Zhejiang province, college of humanities and social science research baseļ¼Œand the national music education professional course teaching reform pilot units. It has music dance, education master and learn the art master's three master's degree awarded, with music education, music performance, composition and technology theory, dance, art education learn five undergraduate, and music education, vocal, piano, instrumental music, dance, art education, composer and conductor seven teaching department. It has The dance and music research center, ZhangShiXiang violin international teaching research centers, art institute, Zhejiang sent the harp, music education study field such as institute of five scientific research institutions. In addition, also has a symphony orchestra, chorus and dance company, national orchestra.

Our conservatory has 93 full-time teachers, including 17 professors, 22associate professors , 12 doctors and 5 foreign teachers at present. They made excellent grades in many areas such as teaching, scientific research, and art practice. Thousands of dissertations and published books as well as textbooks written by teachers and students had been published on the musical journals both at home and abroad ,won the golden bell awards of China music, the national television young singer grand prix and other important awards.

In recent years, our school's many undergraduate students and graduate students won the prize in many competitions such as Basic skills competition of music education, national college students campus singer contest(professional), Chinese music international competitions, and many dance competitions at all levels both at home and abroad. Our students and teachers had ever been invited to perform or exchange in United States, South Korea, Netherland, Japan, Italy and other countries.

Our music conservatory is committer to be the center of national musical instrument display and music data, music and dance integration teaching research center, the center of Chinese traditional dance and music protection and inheritance, the integrated art education demonstration center.

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