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General Information

Artist: Various Artists: Zafka, 718 and Yan Jun
Title: Music For Shopping Malls
Release Date: 2007, June
Label: Kwanyin Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: kwanyin 024
ISRC: CN-A08-00-367-00/A.J6
note: supported by the British Council

General Information

Wang Hui (Beijing) and Support Structure (London) were invited to contribute to Getitlouder07. they decided to invite Zafka, 718 and Yan Jun to join for an album that can play in Shopping Malls. This idea is inspired from French composer, originator of Dada and ambient music Erik Satie.

According to was the compilation funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Embassy of the United Kingdom and the coverwork was designed by the British artist Celine Condorelli.


  1. 718 - music for shopping malls 1
  2. Yan Jun - 4th ring shopping killer
  3. 718 - music for shopping malls 2
  4. Zafka - A.L.S(GIL Soundtrack)
  5. 718 - music for shopping malls 3
  6. eric satie、musique d'ameublement - carrelage phonique
  7. Zafka - my key key song(I)
  8. Zafka - my key key song(II)
  9. 718 - shopping mall furniture

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