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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


NATY is a Metal artist , originally from Korea.

General information about NATY

Naty (Korea) 2012.jpg

English Name NATY
Genre Metal
Origin Korea


The legendary rock band, NATY had been in the period of Korean heavy-metal renaissance. Its origin was based on thrash-metal and consisted of 6 members in 1986. NATY had started its first playing in 1988, and re-formed itself as 4 members. After 1991, members of NATY did their musical jobs separately. Then, they came back to their enthusiastic fans with a new vocal, Sang Soo Kim in 2004. NATY has been admired by many other Korean bands and is still remembered for its intense style. In the time of Korean heavy metal golden age, its authenticity was heavily secured, however, nowadays; various genres have been mixed such as Hardcore, Funk, and Thrash. NATY doesn’t stick to a specific genre or a crossover but pursue its individual personality of its members. That’s where the unique musical tone of NATY comes from. The first album, which is ‘Long Time No See’, was received a favorable review by TERESA BUSTILLO THE MASTERING LAB, where took in charge of mastering for its outstanding sound quality.

The presence of NATY is worthy of notice for it is the first invitation to Korean Band by MIDI production rather than a one-time show. Furthermore, this chance will produce not only continuous mutual exchange between Chinese and Korean music festivals but also the bridgehead for Korean rock band toward Chinese music festivals. The Korea Creative Content Agency has supported this opportunity by the project for the International Festival Invitation Musician Supports as well as the Visit Korea Committee will operate a booth for Korean tourism promotion on the site.

GREENPLUGGED FESTIVAL is the representative spring season festival of Korea, began the first performance in 2010 and has taken place their successful third performance in 2012 annually. GREENPLUGGED FESTIVAL has sent the slogan of ‘good thinking and small action for the better future’ to audience so far through its stages. This year, GREENPLUGGED FESTIVAL started to launch GREENBIRD Entertainment with NATY, MINT GRAY, and Libs Bite with great appealing to music world. Among its teams, NATY has been invited to ‘YOGA MIDI FESTIVAL’, which is the most successful festival in China this year.

NATY grouped together in 1987 and has been called as “Living Legend Heavy Metal Band” by even other Korean artists. NATY have shown their various musical performances in PUSAN International Rock Festival, Let’s Rock Festival, Greenplugged Festival as well as many collaboration stages such as International Modern Dance festival, and the world festival of National Theaters. NATY released their First album, ‘Long Time No See’ in 2006, and the second album, ‘Pride’ in 201


Studio albums

  • "Long Time No See" (2006, EMI Korea)
  • "Pride" (2011, EMI Korea)

Further information

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