NeoSpring Creative Festival

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NeoSpring Creative Festival

NeoSpring Creative Festival (新茶创意文化节, xīn chá chuàngyìwénhuàjié)

Festival for the creative minds of Shanghai and the public launch of the website.


General Information

Location: Husizhan (湖丝栈), Wànhángdù Road, Alley 1384 (near Huáyáng Road), Shanghai, China
(a 130-year old warehouse along Suzhou Creek with 3,000 square meters of floor space)

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2007, 13:00 -- 21:00


Free Entry


After party with Antidote at 4 Live


On Saturday April 14th, 2007, was celebrating its public launch with the NeoSpring Creative Festival. NeoSpring boasted 50+ musicians, artists, designers, photographers, and shops from China’s cutting-edge creative communities.

The first floor hosted booths, stalls, and exhibitions of all styles and sizes, including: interactive photography, a “live” graffiti wall, a replica comic and video game bar, live t-shirt printing, short film showings and much more.

The second floor staged a Polaroid photography exhibition alongside a dedicated lounge space for eating, drinking and relaxing.

On the third floor, Neocha had assembled a diverse lineup of local and imported live bands, DJs, and VJs.

Participating Artists and Groups included:

Yuyintang, NEOCAFE, Shan Shui Records, Bedzoo Records, CDGE, Kwanyin Records, 陈航峰, eno, Lijiang Studio (link), Ficky's Toy Station, Polalife, 非音乐, 口袋音乐 (Pocket Music), 嗲!美丽的上海小青年, 蜜糖镇, Grumble, 一根筋作坊, 就要红明星网, 组合嬲, Goodie Bag, zoojoo, 鸟头, JMGS, 半度音乐, BAO'S, NewWebPick, FLOSO, 青头一, 破壳, salt, 金鱼, 布三布四, MS SNEAKER, 蘑菇因, 黄克儿, Maid in shanghai, DBG广州设制, Loomoo, 上趣创意延展, 大海盗, JAM JAM, Split Works, 救捞局, 古川万里, 诗意SHANGHAI, 中国美术学院新媒体系, 一天咖啡, Porclab, 少鲜队, Coca Art, 何艳, 拾柒贰肆唱片, CPPC, 后沙峪实验电影小组, 刺点摄影, Motion Design, My Way, 波鸡小私, 卓丹婷, 翟鹏, 石至莹, 姜轩, 赵朕, 哲别

Music by:

Banana Monkey, Monkey Power, Loudspeaker, boojii, 21g, Antidote, Sulumi, iLoop, pulpo (VJ), Hard Candy


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