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General information

New Get Lucky
City Beijing
Address Beijing, Chaoyang District, Nu Ren Jie, Xing Ba Lu Jiu Ba Jie, Jia 1, 北京市朝阳区女人街星吧路酒吧街甲一号
Geographical Location 39° 57' 20" N, 116° 28' 10" E
Phone 00861084483335
Active 2004 - 2009

New Get Lucky Bar (好运酒吧, hăo yùn jiŭ ba), Bar in Beijing, Chaoyang District

The Get Lucky Bar has closed down in June 2009 because the whole Xinbake Barstreet is going to be destructed this year!"

Contact / Address

Email: or

Address: 北京市朝阳区女人街星吧路酒吧街甲一号

Beijing, Chaoyang District, Nu Ren Jie, Xing Ba Lu Jiu Ba Jie, Jia 1

(Across form Women's Street 1 Star Bar Street Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016)

Phone: (010) 84483335 (Program Management), 84483339 (general issues)

Fax: (010) 84489995


  • Since 1996 Hosting the best live bands in Beijing/China
  • Head out to 女人街 (nurenjie), Woman's Street. It's in Chaoyang District east of the Lufthansa center.
  • Across from the main shopping plaza and the flower market is "Super Bar Street." You can't miss the giant Budweiser signs.
  • Past the gates, head straight. The New Get Lucky is on your right, just past the pita restaurant.


Welcome to HaoYun, the NEW Get Lucky Bar and Restaurant. A quick glance around should be enough to convince you that the owners are serious about alternative/rock music. One night of live music here and you are sure to gain a measure of respect and genuine appreciation for China’s newest talent.

From the beginning HaoYun has served as the testing ground for new talent and an intimate venue for China’s biggest Alternative Rock idols. When HaoYun opened it’s doors to local bands and fans in 1996, Chinese musicians finally had a venue to call their own. HaoYun's stage soon proved to be a launch pad to fame and success as local bands became national sensations, giving voice to the frustrations, dreams and questions posed by a new generation.

As Chinese Alternative/Rock music has experienced great change over the last 7 years, so has HaoYun. Realizing the limitations of the old venue’s size and location, the NEW Get Lucky Bar (HaoYun) opened in 1999 providing bands with the best sound system and stage possible. An expanded bar including a German micro-brewery and a fresh western menu were also added.

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