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New Noise Music is a booking agency and tour organizer with a focus on post rock

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New Noise Music is a booking agency and tour organizer by a Belgian guy named Jef Vreys living in Chengdu. Since he himself is a huge post rock fan, the main focus of his touring company falls onto this genre naturally. Among a new wave Chinese booking agancies and touring companies, New Noise Music excels with well planed extending tours for oversea bands in whole China, often gigs in over 10 different cities, e.g. with [[The Ocean China Tour 2011|The Ocean (Germany)], PG Lost (Sweden), Mono (Japan), etc. Jef is also a member of the bilingual website

Taken from their Douban Site:

Welcome to the home of New Noise music.
Welcome to all those who still believe in the power of alternative music, welcome to everybody who is willing to share his passion for music. 
We are an open minded music label with a passion for honest music! 
New Noise is based in Sichuan, Chengdu, made by dedicated and creative people with the sheer intention to share good music, from all over the world with everybody in China!

Bands they have brought to China:

immanu el / ef / pg lost / the ocean / mono / neufvoin / black atlantic / mogwai


Booked Shows

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