Ninegates Jazz Festival 2009

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Ninegates Jazz Festival 2009 九门爵士节

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Date: May 22 to May 27 2009 Venue: Forbidden City Concert Hall and Peking University Hall in Beijing

The Nine Gates Jazz Festival and Time Arts Jazz Series are combining efforts. In addition to concerts in the Forbidden City Concert Hall May 22-27, performances will be held May 26 and 27 at Peking University Hall featuring artists from around the world.

General Information

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The 4th Beijing Nine Gates International Jazz Festival is about to open from May 22 to May 27, 2009, in Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. Many prominent masters and nineteen excellent bands from thirteen countries will bring us an exceptional and splendid music during this jazz festival.

This year, Nine Gates International Jazz Festival will present you enormous surprises and NO. 1s:

London Jazz Festival, BBC Television and Nine Gates Jazz Festival Committee start the cooperation for presenting the most cutting-edge music feast to the domestic music fans.

JUSTIN TIME, the biggest Jazz CD Label in Northern America, cooperates with Nine Gates Jazz Festival Committee on high levels, bringing the classic limited editions of Jazz CD that have never been released in China.

Rayli ¨C Her Style of Beauty Fashion Night will be exclusively presented for you on the close ceremony of this festival on May 27. Shunzi (Shunza), the famous transboundary singer from the US, will be invited as a special guest to bring you the inherent color of Jazz vocal. Ranee Lee, one of Canada's premiere and award winning jazz vocalists, will give every audience unbelievable shock with her sexy voice and amazing vocal. Interestingly, she was a dancer at the beginning of her stage life. These colorful elements not only attract the attention of Rayli, but also manifest an ancient philosophy for all the audience, namely, possibility and impossibility.

The brilliance of Nine Gates Festival can be seen everywhere. Cooperated with Poly Theatre, Peking University Hall, Shanghai JZ Club, Hangzhou JZ Club, Beijing East Coast Jazz Club, Yu Gong Yi Shan Club, Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Yanggui Rock and Time Arts, Nine Gates Festival Committee will hold a variety of Jazz concerts in different professional scenes. This is the largest scale of cooperation in the history of domestic modern music.

No matter locally or globally, these top Jazz musicians, will undoubtedly bring the audience the most mainstream and most beautiful contemporary Jazz music.

This festival will be held in sub-scenes such as Peking University Hall, Yu Gong Yi Shan Club, Beijing East Coast Club, Shanghai JZ Club and Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. A number of brilliant concerts and lectures in master courses will be presented as well.

The latest news about Nine Gates Jazz Festival, the most cutting-edge broadcast of the development of Jazz in China and the brief review of the world Jazz, as well as the numerous professional knowledge of Jazz can be accessible on the official website of this festival:

Let Jazz be closer to us. Let us witness the development of Jazz in China.

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