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No in 1994
No in 1994

Background Information
Name (English) No
Name (Chn.) 不 / Bu
Origin Beijing
Genre chn. rock
Years active 1993
Beijing Rock Legend



Formed in July 1993 in Beijing. Representative band of the Beijing New Sound Movement‎.

No is the band around singer, composer and lyric writer Zu Zhu. His lyrics are described as "dark, pliable, and tough" ( hei'an rouren), and, as one article goes, "make our face turn red." On the other hand, his words are praised as well-written, deep and honest, combining perfectly with his music, which includes styles such as punk, trash metal, rock, soft blues, and elements of acoustic guitar as well as traditional or Asian-sounding melodies. The brilliant and highly symbolic cover of The Missing Master bears a special touch, as it features a slightly altered painting by the Tang dynasty (618-907 A.D.) painter Zhou Fang, who became famous for his paintings of beautiful elite women. Represented is a concubine holding a stick in her left hand that is attached by a read leash to a red collar fixed around the neck of a little dog. Here, the dog's head has been replaced with that of Zu Zhu, smiling and sticking out his tongue. One can read a large dose of irony and sarcasm into the scene: the concubine, representing the old traditions and the glorious times of the Tang dynasty, serves as cultural background for the power of the "red collar", which can be interpreted as the CCP, and is wrapped around the neck of a little dog. The dog itself might symbolise the masses and the young generation, which, despite all this, appears strong enough to laugh at and mock the whole situation.[1]


Major albums

  • Temple Fair Tour - 2000


  • Yaogun Beijing 3 - 1997

Further information


  1. "Sound, Protest and Business. Modern Sky Co. and the New Ideology of Chinese Rock.". Steen, A.. Retrieved on 2008-08-11.

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