Noises inside (VA)

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General Information

Artist: VA
Title: Noises inside
Release Date: 2000, September
Label: Subjam Records
Type: CDDA
No. (cata): Subjam 001
Note: published by The Foreign Languages Press with Yan Jun's book Noises Inside; out of print

Track Listing

  1. Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou - Signboard (solo edition)
  2. Feng - Bye-bye Mama
  3. The other two comrades - System Developer Is Surrounded
  4. Zhu Zhenqian - M.
  5. Tongue - The Crows
  6. Lure - Down Exercise Of Brain Body
  7. Wang Lei - Dialectical Dogs
  8. Yang Tao - S.U.B.
  9. Ronez & Maya - Never Forget It
  10. Hu Ma Ge - I Had Watched "TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!" / Agreement Before Marriage
  11. Yu Zhi-yong - Gate
  12. Wang Fan - The Era Of Noise Sound

Further Information

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and mixed by the bands or artists as index. Except THE CROWS recorded and mixed by Wang Fan, I HAD WATCHED "TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!" / AGREEMENT BEFORE MARRIAGE mixed by Wang Fan, DOWN EXERCISE OF BRAIN BODY recorded and mixed by Feng Jiang-zhou. All track mastered by Feng Jiangzhou.

Edited by Yan Jun.

Produced by SUB JAM Production.

Copyright Control: All kinds of copyright of this recording are owned by the bands or atists. cover designed by Luo Hong

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