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Norcelement (天行健), Melodic Death Thrash Metal from Langfang (Province Hebei) , formerly called Black Wizard (黑精灵)



Sun Hui - Guitar, Vocals

Wang Yao - Bass

Zhao Bin - Drums

Li Fang Fei - Guitar

History (Japanese)





2006年3月、王超(Dr)が加入し、メンバーは無名(Vo&リズムG)・李方飛(G)・王堯(B)・王超(Dr)となった。音楽スタイルはDeathやObituary、SLAYERの影響を受けている。7月9日、北京の13CLUBでライブを行った。8月6日、北京の豪運酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。8月11日、北京の13CLUBでライブを行った。10月1日、北京の13CLUBで行われた“首届HZ 13金属音楽節”に参加した。10月28日、北京市大興区の雲裳酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。12月、北京の狂唱片と契約した。同年末、1stDEMO EP『天行健』をレコーディングした。このEPは発売していない。

2007年1月20日、明珠影劇院2階でライブを行った。3月9日、北京の13CLUBでライブを行った。4月14日、北京の合炫音楽工廠でライブを行った。4月、王超が脱退した。その後、王紹志(Dr)が加入した。8月17日、瑞斯堡酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。10月6日、歩行街第四大街で行われた“別譲年軽的感覚消失 - 廊坊市首届揺滾音楽節”に参加した。11月24日、北京市大興区の雲裳酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。


2009年のメンバーは、孫輝(Vo&G)・李方飛(G)・王堯(B)・趙彬(Dr)。3月27日、北京の豪運酒[ロ巴]でライブを行った。4月、CD付き雑誌『通俗歌曲VOL.387』に曲が収録された。5月16日、1stアルバム『在黒暗中創造光明』が発売となり、廊坊市固安県廊坊師範学院西校区でアルバム発表会を開いた。5月29日、13CLUBで行われた“金属戦火 - 全球金属楽隊争覇賽 中国賽区”初賽に出場した。6月13日、天津の13CLUB天津店でライブを行った。7月、インディーズオムニバス『生命啓示録之壹』に曲が収録された。9月、インディーズオムニバス『死夜 伍』に曲が収録された。


Machine-translated history

Hebei Langfang metal band. In 2003, the Corps was renamed Black 靈楽 fine. Members are anonymous (Akira Sun) (Vo & Rhythm G) · Ryuu Susumu (B) and. Later, Ryuu Susumu has left the band. [² in winter] Hu Xiao (Dr) have also participated.

2004 members of the summer, Mine (Vo) · Xing Li (G) · Jian Wang (B) · 蔡洋 (桀咒 band) (Dr). Same year, Yao Wang (Dr) has joined.

April 2005, Lee's Fei (G) has joined. Same year, Liu Bing (B) is a party, Yao Wang and switched to bass. June, he joined the underground music section supremacy Hebei Province. December, was held in Langfang University Town East "concert 06 days 滾 Heian swing" to participating. This time, Zhang Peng Zhi (Dr) had participated.

March 2006, Wang Chao (Dr) is a party member is anonymous (Vo & Rhythm G) · Lee's Fei (G) · Yao Wang (B) · Super King (Dr) was. Music style and Death Obituary, SLAYER are affected. July 9, went to live in Beijing 13CLUB. August 6, Australian wine Luck Beijing [Û Ba] made live. August 11, went to live in Beijing 13CLUB. October 1, 13CLUB held in Beijing's "Notice of neck lymph HZ 13 metal music" took. October 28, alcohol clouds Sang Daxing District, Beijing [Û Ba] made live. In December, a deal with Beijing's crazy treasure. End of the year, 1stDEMO EP was recorded 『Ken Heaven's line. This EP is not released.

January 20, 2007, the Pearl Academy of shadow play was a live two floors. March 9, and went to live in 13CLUB Beijing. April 14, went to live in Beijing if hyun music arsenal. April, who left the ultra-king. Then, 紹志 King (Dr) has joined. August 17, alcohol 斯堡 Rui [Û Ba] made live. October 6, 四大 The walking street in the city were "a light anesthetic was by Jo - Notification of neck lymph swing music 滾 Langfang" took. November 24, alcohol clouds Sang Daxing District, Beijing [Û Tomoe] made live.

October 18, 2008, in Tianjin Tianjin 13CLUB went live at the store. November 21, went to live in 13CLUB Beijing. November 29, Australian wine Luck Beijing [Û Ba] made live.

Member of the 2009 year, Sun Hui (Vo & G) · Lee's Fei (G) · Yao Wang (B) · Bin Zhao (Dr). March 27, Australian Wine luck Beijing [Û Ba] made live. April, CD magazines VOL.387 』with『 vulgar songs were the songs. May 16, 1st black album, standing 』Akira Akira became darkly creative release, and held a presentation in school zones album Langfang Normal College West Gu'an Langfang Prefecture. May 29, 13CLUB held at "war metal - metal band supremacy District SAI SAI Global China" was first played in the SAI. June 13, in Tianjin Tianjin 13CLUB went live at the store. July Noriyuki Indizuomunibasu 『il revelation was』 songs to life. September, Wu night Indizuomunibasu 『Death to the songs.

Ryuu Susumu 靈海 steal the heart of Beijing joined the band soon. 2005 Jian Wang, who joined the military band 械所. Bing Liu, 2007, Black wing who joined the band.

Gigs and Festival participation




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