Obituary Beijing Concert 2013

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General information

Title Obituary - Slowly Rotting in Beijing
Start Date 2013/04/24 09:00:00 PM
End Date 2013/04/24 11:55:00 PM
Organizer Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine, Yugong Yishan
Event Location(s) Yugong Yishan

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Obituary Beijing Concert 2013

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General Information

Rotting Slow in Beijing

The Origin of Florida Death Metal reigns over imperial city!

One may argue about who invented death metal, but fact is, it was Obituary who brought it to fruition, along with its remarkable sound known as Florida Death Metal. The five-man band debuted as Obituary on Roadrunner Records in 1989 with "Slowly We Rot", and in a word, the album was the first major milestone that stood as landmark for death metal. Previous pioneers in extreme metal took the breakneck abandon of Slayer's Reign in Blood one step further, to the point of sheer, sometimes even ridiculous musical abandon. Obituary, on the other hand, varied their tempo considerably -- and did so at the absolute height of speed metal nonetheless. Yes, the band could play at breakneck speed, but within the same song, guitarists Allen West and Trevor Peres could slow the tempo down to dirge-like levels in a moment's notice, all the while keeping the music as heavy as hell thanks to down-tuned guitars and the snarling vocals of John Tardy. As a result, "Slowly We Rot" made quite a splash back in 1989, influencing an entire legion of death metal bands in Florida: Morbid Angel, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse, and numerous others now forgotten among the thousands of international bands that followed. In a way, "Slowly We Rot" was the prototypical death metal album, establishing a template that would come to define the style (one that is distinct from grindcore or black metal, it should be pointed out). More classical albums followed -- "Cause of Death" (1990) and "The End Complete" (1992) both considered as the most influential albums of the genre til today.

Years have gone past, thousands of bands rose and fell, but once you've gone death metal, there is no turning back, unless and most likely, to the roots! Now Obituary came back from the grave just to do exactly that! Rumour has it, a certain Terry Butler (Massacre,ex-Death, ex-Six Feet Under) will join-in on low tunes and another like-wise cult figure Lee Harrison (Monstrosity, ex-Atheist) might swing the "Xecutioner" axe ... horns up!

Die-hard fans know deeply what "1989 - 1992" means ... Slowly We may Rot on that very night of April 24th in Beijing. Will it be the Cause of Death, or even The End Complete? Let's hope the old walls of Club Yugong Yishan will withstand the deadly sound waves of Florida Death Metal ...

Date: April 24th 2013 @ Yugong Yishan 8pm

Tickets: 200 RMB pre-sale, 280 RMB at door, 600 RMB VIP

Ticket Service: Dragonskin or Yugong Yishan

Website: Official Website of Painkiller

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