PAPIER TIGRE CHINA TOUR 2009 法国老虎纸乐队 2009中国巡演

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《Papier Tigre 老虎纸(第二个中国巡演2009年12月)》

11.29 香港 YOHO
12.01 贵阳 Luck Bar + on/off punk + 跳跃玩偶
12.02 武汉 Vox livehouse + 花伦
12.03 长沙 4698 livehouse
12.04 北京 愚公移山 + subs / IDH
12.05 南京 Castle Bar
12.05 上海 LOgO

老虎纸(法语念成“Papyeah Teegrr”),3位法国职业摇滚艺术家,深知贴切而优秀的词曲和摇滚乐的强大爆发力一样难能可贵,必不可少!他们以Fugazi或The Ex这样的优秀乐团的音质探索为榜样,音乐深刻而亲密地根植于创造性的传统朋克。Papier Tigre音乐之新颖来源于其非洲部落的特色气氛与吉他手兼主唱于一身的Eric Pasquereau彰显的节奏的相得益彰,浑然一色。

无论怎样去形容,老虎纸都是一支在舞台上不知疲惫的乐队,他们从未停止过全球巡演,其中还包括2008年1月在中国的第一次巡演之行。他们已经在欧洲,南美洲,北美洲巡回演出超过200多场,其中不乏机会与Battles, Sleeping People, Why ?, Dalëk, The Buzzcocks, Radio 4这样的知名乐队同台献艺甚至一同巡演,去年老虎纸参加了由Explosions in the Sky在英国组织的ATP音乐节上的闭幕演出。
今年他们将带来他们的第二张新专辑“The Beginning And End Of Now”(王八唱片中国发行)在日本和中国巡回演出。他们让人不禁随之摇摆的音乐及舞台魅力与聪明的作曲相结合,使老虎纸成为毋庸置疑的绝对不能错过的乐队之一! 这是关于艺术的朋克,但源于人类自然的呐喊……
在北京,老虎纸将荣幸地在愚公移山与中国最有影响力的朋克乐队之一的Subs同台献艺。演出将由来自内蒙古的后朋克二人乐队IDH (Illusion Division by the Hand)揭开序幕。
Papier Tigre (pronouce “Papyeah Teegrr”), a 3 piece rock band from France, understands that a relevant song need not exclude it from having a raw power : their music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk bands like Fugazi or The Ex.
Papier Tigre’s sound is built around pounding tribal drums that propel each song forward with ruthless efficiency. But above all, Papier Tigre is a somehow tireless touring band.
Since their first tour in China (January 2008), they already played a commanding total of more than 200 shows (and counting) in Europe, South America and United-States. The band has also had the opportunity to share stages and internationals tours with Battles, Sleeping People, Why?, Dalëk, The Buzzcocks, Radio 4 including an outstanding performance at the ATP festival curated by Explosions in The Sky in the UK.
They will touring this winter in Japan and China to present their second album ‘The Beginning And End Of Now’ (released by Wangba Records in China). The danceable energy and intelligent song writing have evolved into making Papier Tigre one of the most significant new rock acts to discover. This is art punk, but at it’s most primal.