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Panda Twin



Sun Dawei


Death J


The digital Hardcore project Panda Twin started as a one man project by Sun Da Wei and from the band's first performance in 2001 until the first record release "The man who hated the shadow" (2002) it remained only Sun Da Wei.

After Panda Twins performance on the Midi Modern Music Festival in 2002, another member joined (Wang).

In August 2003 one song was recorded for the compilation Yellow Peril released at dbd school.

In April 2004 another electronic artist Dead J joined Panda Twin.

Then Panda Twin join the compilation Weva by bedzoo records.

After two concerts beginning of May 2004 in the Nameless Highland and the New Get Lucky Bar, the American magazine "Groove" features them.

After supporting the Australian Toydeath on a concert in August, Panda Twin is featured on the compilation green pepper & cacti by shanshui records.

In April 2005, Panda Twin is featured on the compilation the sound of silence project.



  • VA - The sound of silence project - 2005
  • VA - Yellow peril - 2003


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