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Patrick Yu electro, house / DJ from Beijing


Patrick Yu about himself (take from myspace):

One of my many goals here in Beijing is to help develop an electronic music scene not in a commercial sense, but in a solid, quality filled manner that can spill into, and hopefully control a commercial scene. The rate at which Beijing is transforming allows for many different influences to push it towards many different possible directions. I'm just trying to push it in the direction I think is right! It's not necessarily going to be house music that defines this city, but I think by doing my part to increase the influx of quality house beats, it's possible to push others in other genres, along with those into house, into a more deep, thoroughly thought realm of music and overall taste. Some people say I'm being too ambitious, and some people say I'm just being foolish to think I can make a difference like that. But regardless, I'll keep playing what I like in hopes of moving people how I want them to be moved. The background for all this is a strong mix of music and needless to say it's a fun endevour.

I believe a lot of these goals and tasks will be done with my joining BLINK Events, providing the ever necessary combination of quality music and quality party concepts and promotion.

For those that want to be in the know, i play under the name

Patrick Yu

so lock your doors and hide your daughters...

Let There Be House

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