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Peng Tan, solo pop singer/songwriter in Beijing, formerly from The Dada



Tan Peng (彭坦) was the lead singer of former rock band DaDa. He released two albums with them, and as singers do, went solo. Teen Spirit is his “debut” album, for which he won Best New Mandarin Artist in the 8th Chinese Music Media Awards. He has a special sound that’s very obviously indie (for the Chinese scene) and very soothing to listen to.[1]

Previously the lead singer of popular rock band The Dada, Peng Tan (彭坦) has broken into the solo singer-songwriter market and soared. With his pop idol good looks, smooth voice, and meaningful lyrics, he has captured the hearts of many since his first solo release in 2007.

On May 3rd, he performed at the Strawberry Music Festival 2010. According to Beijing Gig Guide: y impres­sion is a lit­tle left-field and only Aus­tralians will get it, but he reminded me a lit­tle of Lior, both in the singer-songwriter-plus-band feel but also in his out­fit and hair. He was enter­tain­ing, but he’s def­i­nitely the dar­ling of the indie pop world, and after a few songs I was full to burst­ing of love songs.[2]

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