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Perdel is a pop/rock/indie artist , originally from Beijing.

General information about Perdel


English Name Perdel
Chinese Name 逃跑计划 (means: Escape Plan) / táo páo jì huá
Genre pop/rock/indie
Origin Beijing
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Band members

Guitar: 马晓东 / Ma XiaoDong

Bass: 刚昂 / Gang Ang

Vocals: 毛川 / Mao Chuan

Drums: 李洪涛 / Li Hongtao

Keyboards: 菲璐 / Fei Lu

Former band members

Drums: 张超 / Zhang Chao, Keyboard: 小田 / Xiao Tian


生活在这个城市,这个时代,我们看清了很多...... 这是一个不完美的世界,我们无法选择。 面对丑恶,面对创伤,面对死亡,事实上我们无路可逃。 所以逃跑的真正意义仅存在于计划。

我们能做出的反应大多只能是慌乱, 但也有例外,就是一些根本逃不掉的东西-热爱。

Formed in December 2007, Perdel is signed to BeautyLife Co. (美丽世界音乐公司). In the beginning their style was based on brit pop, turning more and more towards indie pop with eletro, new wave and post punk elements. In 2008, their song "We get married in 2008" 《08年我们结婚》 has been chosen to be the theme song of that year's Midi Festival. The debut EP "Take Me Away" was releast on August 8th 2008. On Dec. 14th they won the best new comer award of Tencent's Starlight Awards 星光大典.

A 6 piece tour wend on in summer 2009 with participation on Strawberry Music Festival 2009, Zhang Guan Li Dai Festival 2009 and other festivals. At the end of October 2009, Perdel won the Best New Artist award at the Midi Awards 2009. At the end of that year a 20 piece tour through China helped them to nation wide recognition.

In the February 2010 issue of TimeOut Beijing, Li Tong named them as one of the top acts in 2010.[1] On May 4th, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010. On June 20th, they rocked the NIC Club in Tianjin.


Band Assistant: Liu Tian (刘田)

Booking/Management: 13601201509

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Major Releases

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  1. TimeOut Beijing, Music - Eye of the tiger, Page 61, February 2010, issue no. 64