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Vocal: Fei zi

Guitar: Liu jia xing

Guitar: An cong

Bass: Sun lu yang

Drum: Ma xia ye


Founded by Fei zi and Hao shuai (who has since left the band), Pinocchio’s music builds on contemporary trends in modern British rock and roll. Singer Fei zi and his Thom York like warble have earned them comparisons to heavy hitter such as Radiohead and Coldplay; though to peg them as copycats would be to sorely deny them credit which is due. Though a new band to the Beijing scene, Pinocchio have quickly become veterans of the small stage from a long string of performances at various Beijing’s venues, and we are excited to present them to a festival audience for the first time.

May 1st-4th, 2006, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2006.

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