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Planet Map, Photo (c) Planet Map

Planet Map (星球地图), Beijing electronic hard rock duo



Planet Map (星球地图) is a Beijing electronic hard rock duo. Mixing dance rhythms and hard-line bass, advocating sounds of Code Modulation and high-voltage music, the tunes make human flesh jump. Turn up the volume and be prepared for the earthquake.

The Duo formed in February 2008 with 糖蝶 on vocals and lyrics and 白金 (MTZ) on guitars, samplers and lyrics. In December the same year they released their first record Planet Map (Planet Map).

February 21st, 2009, they performed in the What Bar. May 13th, they rocked the Mao. May 15th, they performed in the Jian Wai SOHO district during the 2009 Fun Fair Festival on the Party Stage. November 13th, they performed at the 2 Kolegas. Further in November their second record Youth Road Electric Power Substation was released.

2009-12-25 @ 21:00 : MAO Livehouse (with G-ELEVEN, Perdel, PB33)

2010-01-01 @ 22:00 : D-22 (with ILTB, Daisyfay, Pacaloco)

2010-01-09 @ 21:30 : Old What? Bar (with The Amazing Insurance Salesmen)

Thereafter in January, the band broke up.

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