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Punk God

Pangu (Traditional: 盤古; Simplified: 盘古; pinyin: Pángǔ; Wade-Giles: P'an ku) was the first living being and the creator of all in Chinese mythology.

The band leader Aobo said, he is never a patriot,he is a hater.Can we hate if we never loved? So, yes, it's hate, no doubt.

Pangu is Anti-autarchy, not anti-China. It's very important to make clear of these two things.

Pangu exiled to Sweden Feburary 2005. They will come back some day, as China is everybody's China. Just like what aobo said:" 我是一定不会偷渡的,要渡就强渡!"



Current Lineup:

Vocals & Guitar: Ao Bo (敖博)

Bass: Duan Xin Jun (段信军)

Lineup at formation, it has changed numerous times.

Vocals & Guitar: Ao Bo (敖博)

Guitar: Xiao Fei (肖飞)

Drums: Chen Bin (陈斌)

Bass: Li Wenfeng (李文枫)


Formed in August 1996 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. They toured all over China and other countries and later moved base to Guangzhou in 1997.


On the 28th of February 2004 Punk God made an unprecedented gesture of support for Taiwan independence by performing at the Say Yes To Taiwan Concert, an annual event held on the national holiday and backed by groups promoting Taiwan independence.

Ao Bo and Duan Xin-jun stayed in Thailand (were they wanted to transfer from Taiwan back to China), eventually contacting the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and filing a plea for asylum, which was recognized by Sweden. The passports were issued on January 31st 2005.

Since then they still released numerous demo albums.




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