Qingyuan Niu Yu Zui Festival 2010

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Qingyuan Niu Yu Zui Festival 2010 Poster


General information

Location: Qingyuan, a small city in Guangzhou | 80 RMB (day) / 300 RMB (5 days)

Dates: July 14-18 2010


July 14th July 15th July 16th July 17th July 18th
16:00——17:00 小彭 16:00——17:00 WHICH PARK 16:00——17:00 热超波 16:00——17:00 go chic
17:00——18:00 缺 17:00——18:00 大魔王 17:00——18:00 AV Okubo AV大久保 17:00——18:00 Doc Talk Shock
18:00——19:00 狗毛 18:00——19:00 戴莫 18:00——19:00 丝袜小姐 18:00——19:00 Ourself Beside Me 18:00——19:00 Hedgehog 刺猬
19:00——20:00 迷宫 19:00——20:00 Mosaic 马赛克 19:00——20:00 EMBER SWIFT 19:00——20:00 Zhao Ze 沼泽 19:00——20:00 浪
20:00——21:00 Mr. Turtle 海龟先生 20:00——21:00 BOYZ & GIRL 20:00——21:00 Yaksa 夜叉 20:00——21:00 Subs 20:00——21:00 Pet Conspiracy 宠物同谋
21:00——22:00 golden cage 21:00——22:00 Hua Lun 花伦 21:00——22:00 重塑雕像的权利 21:00——22:00 惘闻 21:00——22:00 Brainfailure 脑浊
22:00——23:00 周云蓬 22:00——23:00 钢铁的心 22:00——23:00 龙神道 22:00——23:00 New Pants 新裤子 22:00——23:00 痛仰
23:00——24:00 与非门 23:00——24:00 Suffocated 窒息 23:00——24:00 Queen Sea Big Shark 后海大鲨鱼 23:00——24:00 Caspian 23:00——24:00 Carsick Cars


International: Caspian (USA post-rock)

TW/HK: Go Chic, Boyz and Girl

Domestic: Carsick Cars, Hedgehog, Re-TROS, New Pants, Queen Sea Big Shark, Wang Wen, Subs, Ourself Beside Me, Pet Conspiracy


After the festival lots of critical voices were raised mentioning a total lack of organisation, with band & schedule changes only being announced on Douban and not at site. Due to a storm, several gig timings had to be changed. And those bands not being able to play on the first day were announced to perform at the second day from 10 am onwards, however no band performed until 2 pm. New Pants itself did not play at all and it was only announced as the band was already on the plane.[1]

Further information

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  • Douban Event Page
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  1. As informed by Yu Yang. 2010-07-23