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Background Information
Genre Hard Rock
Years active 2009 - present

Eyes on the Horizon
I see the Blackened sail
A sudden breeze
I see the flag unfurl

A skull and crossbones
All black and dripping red
They turn towards us
And scream... Red Pirates Ho!

- Red Pirates opening lines

Powerful riffs and diverse grooves fuel the bluesy hard rock of the Red Pirates. When Dave sings his voice drives the crowd into a frenzy. Yaoyao kicks out beats with her heart and infectious smile. Johnny fires up the funky basslines that power through the rhythm and add a touch of class. All while Banx screams into a virtuoso guitar solo which is ethereal, when he brings out the Zhongruan the magic fires begin to burn!

The band is Red Pirates, whose mantra is to sail the seven seas of rock'n'roll and pillage Beijing venues twice a week.

Red Pirates playing style is fun, and its hard not to enjoy yourself as much as the Pirates do as they belt out their own bluesy hard rock and energetic covers. Red Pirates are influences include AC-DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Iron Maiden, Nirvana , and The Clash.



2009 - 2010

Red Pirates began as a High School band when Banx(李轩) sent recruited Johnny(张阳冰) via the internet and roped in his friends Yao Yao(刘路瑶), Little D (倪硕), and original singer Liu Xin (刘鑫).

2010 - 2011

Red Pirates' current line up stems from a chance meeting in December 2009 at the A1 practice room near Hepingmen in Beijing. The Pirates passed Dave playing and singing in the corridor whilst waiting for a room to be available Banx took Dave's number. In February 2010 Liu Xin left the band to pursue a modeling career in Japan. The Red Pirates called in Dave and they got together and began writing the original material that makes the floor bounce to dancing feet at their concerts. Since then Red Pirates have been playing regularly around the city at various venues including D-22, Zuiyuefang, Hot Cat Club,Mako Live House, Mao Live, and Yugong Yishan.


At rehearsal immediately following stellar performance at Midi Music Festival 2011, rhythm guitarist Mr Little D dropped the bombshell that he would be leaving the band due to work commitments. It was a sad day for the pirates but the rock must go on. It took some serious soul searching an rearrangement of many of their key tunes but they now perform as a solid 4 piece outfit.


Red Pirates are currently in the process of recording their first EP. Projected release Autumn 2012

Festival Participation

Further Information

Media Attention

"Red Pirates rock!" - Ellie Buchdahl - China Daily

"Pirates steal the show" Bada - Beijing Daze

"It's an electric night at a small Beijing venue. The air seems to crackle, the guitarists are going haywire and the lead singer is a powerhouse of sound. The audience is going absolutely mental, cheering, waving flags and swaying with the music. And that's just sound check." - Matthew Jukes - Global Times, Beijing

"Rock ‘n’ roll pirates seek pure music" - Wei Xi - Beijing Today

"Their lead singer had some pipes!" - Bada - Beijing Daze