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Yet another beijing band is born in the cradle of Midi School, found in April 2010 KillHatred by five Midi Musis School graduates but everyone of them has gained already 5 years band experience before hand. In the beginning, they had to face many problem, including musicianal differences which led to the departure of drummer and vocalist of the first line up. After two months, KillHatred was complete again as a new unit and continued on the path of metal core. The band has renamed to Red Robe in the March 2011.

General information about Red Robe

Red Robe.jpg

English Name Red Robe
Chinese Name 大红袍 / Dàhóng páo
Genre Metalcore, Metal
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 2010
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Band members

Vocals: Zhang Yuan 张远

Guitars: Lu Jun 鲁俊

Bass: Han Fangzhi 韩方智

Drums: Lv Yuchao 吕羽超

Former band members


(ex-KillHatred, also known as Dagon Power) (ex-杀死仇恨)

In February 2012 Rock in China interviewed them and asked on their band name, Dagon Power responded:

(...) we got the name from Zhang Fan,the headmaster of Midi School ( a rock music school based in China), which means one of the highest grade of teas using for analgesic and detoxicating or the armor of a heroic indicates an act of gallant heroism and loyalty.So basically,the name of our band means both a kind of medicine which cures illness or weakness and the red armor of the ancient generals.[1]

Introduction by

Chinese Metalcore is something that not many people would think about and so when Dagon Power emerge on the block with sounds like Asking Alexandria and Bleeding Through, the next step which indeed is the slaughter, could not be dreamt of. Pummelling drumming mixed with outrageous riffing and some gruesome vocals altogether mix to make a face-smacker of an album. If you thought you knew Metalcore, think again, this band will take you and smash your brain ten times harder than a Glaswegian kiss (headbutt). For Dagon Power, the prospect of global recognition has just begun.

Contacts: 18801136904 lujun(鲁俊),




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  1. Interview with Dagon Power (2012)