Reform (Jane Zhang)

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General information

Artist Jane Zhang
English title Reform
Chinese Title 改变 / Gǎibiàn
Publisher Universal Music China
Date of release 2011 exactly on 2011/06/01
Release Type CD
Languages on Record Chinese
Runtime (in min) 42 min
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 11
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Reform is Jane Zhang's fifth studio album that was released on 1 June 2011. It is her second album with Universal Music Group under Show City Times. Built around the theme "reform and changes." [1]

Track listing

No. TitleLyricsMusic  Length
1. "My Looks" (我的模样)Yu ChenmaoTobias Jonsson & Anneli Axelsson  3:27
2. "Chasing Love" (追爱)Xu ShizhenLene Dissing, John Gordon, & Keely Hawkes  3:53
3. "Playful with a Bit of Sexy" (出境入境)Chen XinyanLee Jong-gyo  3:53
4. "Mistake is a Mistake" (错就错)Lin XiAsh Alexander, Chesney Hawkes, & Keely Hawkes  3:49
5. "Crazy for Love" (为爱疯狂)Lou NanweiMichael Jay, David Abravanel, & Lara Nahum  3:28
6. "Bold" (大胆)Jane ZhangMichael Jay  3:11
7. "Just Love" (爱就爱)AdiasAdias  5:25
8. "Sometimes" (有时候)Jane Zhang & Zuo An'anZuo An'an  4:10
9. "Last Chapter" (上一章)Jane ZhangJane Zhang  3:53
10. "Reform" (改变)AdiasKeely Hawkes, Michael Jay, & Andre Lindal  3:44
11. "Beauty and Bravery" (美丽与勇敢)AdiasAdiasHidden Track 2:47
Total length:

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