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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Stranded Horse is a artist , originally from France.

General information about Stranded Horse



English Name Stranded Horse
Origin France


Presented by Wangba Records in July 2008

Thee, Stranded Horse will come back in China on September 2012.
SHANGHAI @ YU YIN TANG 12.9.5 BEIJING @ JIANG HU 12.9.7 All infos in Chinese on his Douban page: STRANDED HORSE

PS: He has changed his name, now it's STRANDED HORSE 搁浅的马儿。

Thee, Stranded Horse is the alias of singer, songwriter and wanderer, Yann Tambour. Playing acoustic guitar and kora – simultaneously at times – Tambour has a crafted a sound like no other. His approach to the kora (the West African harp-lute) is totally non-traditional, but so dazzling that he has often shared the stage with one of the instrument’s greatest living exponents, Ballake Sissoko. The pair’s re-workings of four songs from the Churning Strides album will soon become Thee, Stranded Horse’s second release on Blank Tapes, as a special limited edition vinyl EP, simply entitled Thee, Stranded Horse and Ballake Sissoko. Further live collaborations between the two are planned.

It was Churning Strides which first revealed the extraordinary sounds which Yann had been developing as Thee, Stranded Horse. The music of sub-Saharan Africa – Delta blues – French chanson – the lyrical anarchism of Leo Ferré – the cosmic folk of Marc Bolan’s Tyrannosaurus Rex. All of these may come to mind but none are the key to Thee, Stranded Horse: the key is Yann’s voice and his lyrics – written mostly in his fluent English – their stops, starts and restless shifts from idea to idea.

With the release of Churning Strides, Yann has kept up his relentless touring schedule. As a truly in-demand live performer he has criss-crossed Europe, to play dates in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the UK, including some of Europe’s most prestigious music festivals – La Route du Rock in Saint-Malo, France, and The Green Man Festival in Brecon, Wales.

Yann Tambour has previously made music as the founder and orchestrator of Encre, a project which made use of samples, guitars electric and acoustic as well as other live instruments and his own unmistakable voice. Encre’s four albums were released in France to great acclaim by Clapping Music, but Yann made a clean break in 2005, exploring the kora, moving to the Normandy countryside and dreaming up the acoustic reveries and voices of Thee, Stranded Horse. Yann has recently relocated to Bristol, in England’s west country.

六月的夜晚,在一所舒适的波尔多公寓里,Yann Tambour在着迷的观众们面前揭示了他的超越时间界限的创作曲目,而这些曲目是在他新的个人尝试计划“你,搁浅的马儿”之中.


2004年发行的“墨”的第二部作品 - « 流动»中的“Toumani Diabaté”这首曲子是向一位科拉琴大师致以敬意,从此开始了他作品的第一个转折点,注释着未来计划“你,搁浅的马儿”。

不到两年时间--Yann 通过一种非传统方式将科拉琴用自己的方式作出完全闪亮的民谣音乐,让我们正好想起Mississippi John Hurt的技艺“finger-picking ”。在一种热烈和忧郁的嗓音之上,Yann Tambour一点一点制造出晶莹的各弦琶琴声和琴弦声的交错,编织出一幅充满温软而丰富的怀旧情怀的凄凉伤感的旅行画面。

第一首长规格的,你--搁浅的马儿--在Tyrannosaurus Rex的民谣创作和Léo Ferré诗歌之间架起了桥梁,幻化成一种精华而普遍的,可以使尼格尔河流到密西西比三角洲之间互通的音乐。



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