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Scarred By Beauty is a metal/hardcore band from Denmark.

This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


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The Kandidate is a Metalcore artist , originally from Denmark.

General information about The Kandidate

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English Name The Kandidate
Genre Metalcore
Origin Denmark


SCARRED BY BEAUTY, from Copenhagen Denmark is a colorful band, known best for their experimental sound, which relentlessly bulldozes through genres exploring the fine line between melodic beauty and heavy chaos.

Scarred by Beauty’s new full-length album, “Sutra” follows in the path of their previously released E.P “We Swim”, and clearly shows how the band has grown and developed new sides to their music. Both musically and lyrically, the album follows a distinct pattern and it’s easy to recognize the personal and honest style of Scarred by Beauty. The title, Sutra, refers to this pattern and literally it means the thread or line that holds things together. Sutra is the first full-length album from Scarred by Beauty. On Sutra, the band combines a range of various styles, in a new and playful way. From pounding punk and hardcore passages, into vast and melodic landscapes the band mixes noise rock-, metal- and core genres with minimalistic lyrics, in a graceful, unique and refreshing way. Sutra stands as a solid and personal product from the Danish band.

In 2010 Scarred by Beauty already played a DK tour, and a European Tour. Apart from that, Scarred by beauty also performed at both SPOT Festival and START Festival in 2010, and furthermore they played as main support for Gojira on two occasions, in Berlin and in Copenhagen. For the spring of 2011 Scarred by Beauty are also confirmed as co-headliner of 3rd Tsumani Agency’s annual tour for upcoming bands, New Era Tour, which previously featured Last Mile among others.

Scarred by Beauty have played along side with multiple established names such as: Meshuggah (SE), Gojira (F), The Black Dahlia Murder (US), For The Fallen Dreams (US), Bury Your Dead (US), Devil Sold His Soul (UK), Mnemic (DK) and more.

Their EP “We Swim” won at Danish Metal Awards 2009 in the category “Talent of the Year”. The jury, who chose “We Swim” out of 25 other Danish submissions, had the following to say: “The winner of this award truly stood out. The song writing, the sound and the furious arrangements, the intelligence and uniqueness make We Swim the genuine stand out“. The members of the jury consisted by international representatives from record labels and music press such as Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Lifeforce Records, Massacre Records, Listenable Records and MetalHammer UK.

Scarred by Beauty consists of active and dedicated musicians, and harbors former singer in Hatesphere Jonathan Albrechtsen, who recently left Hate-sphere to focus on Scarred by Beauty. In total Scarred by Beauty stands as a strong new name, ready to advance to the international level. The bands passion is undeniable, and combined with their commitment to take Scarred by Beauty to a higher level it seems there is no stopping this Danish five-piece.

"Sutra" Release dates via Mighty Music/Target distribution;


  • "Sutra" Album (2012) on Mighty Music
  • "We Swim" EP (2009)
  • "The Heritage of Ash" Demo (2008)

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