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Second in July 2009, Photo: mini7s

Second, 重结晶乐队, is a all girl rock band from Shanghai








The band Second was formed in the beginning of 2009. February 6th, they rocked the Yuyintang during the Rock0093居民聚会演出 - Part 8 concert. April 26th, they performed at the Yuyintang during the 百事燃情麦克风初赛 event.

Second in October 2009

2009年05月06日 百事燃情麦克风校园拉票赛 @应用技术大学

2009年05月17日 百事燃情麦克风电台复赛 @虹桥广播大厦

2009年06月06日 曹安杯乐队复赛 @曹安路

2009年06月14日 ROCK0093乐队系列之女子乐队专场 @O3空间

2009年07月04日 小巴了子开开会2 @现场酒吧

2009年07月10日 上海狂热夜-1st stage @育音堂

2009年07月25日 动物纹大派对 @育音堂

2009年08月23日 上海本土雷人乐队专场演出 @现场酒吧

2009年09月06日 现场696 信x哥 得永生 996之夜 @现场酒吧696

2009年10月04日 摇滚上海一周年 @MAO Livehouse

2009年10月25日 迈腾上赛场 @F1国际赛车场

2009年12月12日 你是否看过女人的全部 @ 芷江梦工场

2010年01月03日 飞跃回力 国货青年 新年盛大Party---BY“上海心 国货强”@育音堂

On August 22nd, 2009, they rocked the Yuyintang as support act to Angry Jerks and The Mushrooms (蘑菇团+Angry Jerks【这是我们的权利】上海站). According to Jake Newby: They're aren't many all-girl bands in Shanghai (though I'd say the gender balance on the scene is better than most, if far from equal) but Second eschew the cutesy pop-rock trappings that the other girl groups seem to go for and their show is all the stronger for it.[1] October 30th, they performed at the Live Sound Garage in downtown Shanghai. According to Andy Best: Finally Second took the stage and were uncharacteristically sloppy and out. Before long it became aparent that they couldn't hear themselves or each other ... and then the drum kit fell apart. They asked for the previous drummers to come up and help. The previous drummers didn't come up, they stood around being very Lei Ren. So, it took a good ten minutes or so for the sound guy, and I use that in the broadest possible sense of the term, to sort everything out and finally Second managed to play some quality tracks.[2]

On January 16th, 2010, they performed at the Yuyintang. According to Andy Best: Second opened with a J-rock cover and sounded a bit limp at first. But, they really picked up during their original material. By the end of the set they were also sounding as good as they've ever sounded and the audience really enjoyed the closing track. Their set was really anchored by the bass-drum pairing of Sei and Xiao-Zhu.[3]

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