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Secret 7 Line.jpg

Secret 7 Line, pop punk band from Japan

Participant of the Midi Music Festival 2010 and 2011 Ocean Midi Music Festival


  • RYO - Vocals/Guitars 吉他/主唱
  • SHINJI - Vocals/Bass 贝司/主唱
  • TAKESHI - Drums 鼓


Hailing from Japan, the pop punk trio SECRET 7 LINE was formed in July 2007 in Tokyo. The band is formerly known as SPICY SOCKS, the punk establishment from Osaka. After after diverse line up changes they moved to Tokyo and changed the band name for a new start.

In early 2008, SECRET 7 LINE signed the deal with Japanese indie label KICK ROCK MUSIC, followed by a number of support shows with famous punk acts such as FOUR YEAR STRONG, EVERY AVENUE, GOOD 4 NOTHING and so on. October 2008, the band released their debut album "How many lines does she hide?" which widely received positive responses in the Japanese punk sece. Deeply influenced by MXPX, BLINK-182, these punk youngster are well on their path to become the new rising force among Asian punks.

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