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Shen Lihui, 1999, Beijing, Photo: Yoshito Katori

Shen Lihui, vocalist/guitarist of Sober, founder and manager of Modern Sky Records.

He was named a hero by the Time Out Team of Beijing, introducing him as

In 1997, Shen Lihui created Modern Sky Records, the first independent record label in China. It was an extraordinarily brave move in a market where bands barely sell any CDs and only a small number of stars make money touring.

Shen’s motivation was to give a platform to the young Beijing artists who were starting to appear in the late ’90s, and to re-ignite a scene which had stagnated since the early ’90s. That mission has largely been accomplished: this month you’ll see a host of Modern Sky bands, including Re-Tros, Supermarket and Queen Sea Big Shark, at the second Modern Sky Festival.

Shen’s hero: It was Michael Jackson, then it was Mick Jagger. Now it’s… (Apple founder) Steve Jobs. These days I believe that business can change the world.[1]


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