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Shen Yue a techno/house/minimal DJ from Beijing

a signed artist and producer of Science of Sound Agency. Former vocalist of Anarchy Boy and 1979


General Information

Take from the SOS artist page

With over ten years of experience on the decks, ShenYue is no newcomer to the electronic music scene in China. This native Beijinger has been at the very heart of electronic music’s development in the middle kingdom in recent years, pulsating party-lovers with his kicking tunes and mashing beats. Evolution epitomizes ShenYue’s work. Keen to change and adapt to the ever-changing nature of musical tastes in the capital, ShenYue’s tunes breathe fresh life into Beijing’s electronic music scene, reflecting the rapidly changing landscape of the city he loves. His musical aspirations began in the late 1990s when he played with the band Anarchy Boy. Electronic Music became his passion only a few years later, however, when he took the name ShenYue. Prior to joining Science of Sounds in early 2008, he had cooperated with Bed Rock (UK) and Bai Cai (PRC). He has been a resident DJ at Tango since 2006, during which time he has solidified his reputation as one of Beijing’s most exciting and electric DJs. ShenYue has worked with the following DJs during his spinning career: Shonky (France), D’Julz (France), Frank Martiniq (Germany), Paul Rich (Germany), Toni Rios (Germany), Ken Ishii (Japan), Austin Leeds (USA), Pole Folder (Belguim), Derek Howell (Holland)… On the commercial front he has worked with Marlboro, Black Label and Chivas on several publicity events as well as performed at the Kappa (China) annual presentation and Universal Press Conferences for Gwen Stefani [The Sweet Escape], Rihanna [Good Girls Gone Bad] and Fergie [London Bridge].

Time line

  • 1998-2002: Founding member and vocalist of Anarchy Boy who also participated on the Wuliao Contingent (VA)?? in the founding year and went on expanded China tour, meanwhile also caught the attention of the Japanese TV Station NHK for an interview broadcast. Between 1998 and 1999 their self entitled debut album was released and even a Japanese edition was published along with several compilation participances in France and Germany.
  • 2003: forming the band 1979 with the founders of Wuliao Contingent (VA), still in his position as vocalist and went on extending tour through Chinese colleges and universities, under the sign of a famous website. In 2005, the band participated on the tribute compilation Who is Cui Jian!? (VA) by Jingwen Records, followed by a China tour again.
  • 2005: according to his love and passion for electronic music, Shen Yue to surprise of friends and scene people decided to digg deeper into Electronica as the new plattform of his solo career.
  • 2006: He found his own label PM Presents at the beginning of the year and started series of electro parties in the Beijing club scene (Zub, Mon, Tango etc.)
  • 2007: official DJ engagement at Club Tango
  • 2008: a signed artist and producer at the spanish??? electro label Science of Sound

Collaborative partners and live performances


  • on "Intro" of Beijing 798 International Electronic Music Festival (北京798国际电子音乐节) on 1st Day
  • on Strawberry Music Festival 2009 on the COSMO Stage (1st Day)
  • on "YEN 炎" with Marco Bailey and Oscar Mulero
  • on "BaiCai" with Danton Eeprom and D'Julz

2008: on "BaiCai" with Luciano, Anthony Collins, Phil Weeks, Guido Schneider, Loco Dice

2007: on "BaiCai" with Kiki, Frank Martiniq, Paul Rich, Toni Rios, Ken Ishii and on BedRock (UK) with Austin Leeds

Participation on Brand events

  • 雷朋 Rayban 2009 Club Master Press Conference
  • 万宝路 Marlboro 2008 event series
  • 黑方 Black Lable (Johny Walker) 2008 event series
  • 北京动向运动发展有限公司 Kappa China 2008 Year Award Cocktail Party 年度颁奖庆祝酒会
  • 芝华士 <Chivas> 2007 event series
  • the press conference for famous film queen Zhou Xun's signing session to Huayi Bros Films 周迅签约华谊兄弟新闻发部会

Participation on Press Conferences of Universal China

  • Fergie [London Brige] 黑眼豆豆女主唱 Debut album release party
  • Rihanna [Good Girls Gone Bad] 好女孩变坏 Debut album release party
  • Gwen Stefani [The Sweet Escape] 甜蜜大逃亡 Debut album release party

Further Information