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Shenggy, (Shen Jing) a Beijing new sound artists



Shenggy is one of the new generation avant-garde representation in Beijing China, she started her music career in 1998 as a drummer in the girls band Hang on the Box in Beijing when she was 16 years old, but after a revelatory, watershed year in 2003, her work began to demonstrate increasingly noticeable avant-garde / noise tendencies. Suddenly the drum kit was no longer enough static, silence, and the repetitive pulse of the autobahn had hypnotized her rock'n'roll heart, and there was no way back. As Shenggy's special growing up background, her father is working for Chinese Gov space program, so she was influenced by cosmos since she was a young girl with her big dream which is to become the first women on the moon. Afterwards, all those sign reflected to be some other stuff in her heart, she is exploring with the cosmos sound and all the relationship can between cosmos and sound.

However, before starting off under the name Shenggy, Shen Jing also joined the band Tookoo from 2000 to May 2001 as a DJ and left the band Hang on the Box only in July 2006.

In February 2006 she formed a new unit, White, with Shou Wang of Car sick cars, with the aim of developing a form of cosmic industrialism and noise that makes reference to everything from the phase patterns of Einsturzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, Japanese noise artists, John Cage, Steve Reich....electronic minimalism, and the gu zheng masters of Chinese avant classical music. This year has seen, too, successful collaborations with visiting New York avant-garde legend Elliott Sharp and Einsturzende Neubauten mastermind Blixa Bargeld. Shenggy is also currently working on a solo performance art project that is focused on creating sonic universes with only her voice, Korg MS-20 synth, and a handful of samples. Subsequently, alongside she joined the Beijing based free-form electro-acoustic improvisation project Tie Guan Yin which was established by music critic/sound artist Yan Jun.

Of her current work and artistic development, she says: "Sun Ra once said, a musician' soul should be lit by happiness and freedom. This is the spirit I hope radiates from my work. Freedom independence from all things is very important to me. It takes a really strong person to be independent, and I see this as necessary for creating meaningful art. It works the other way, too, in that the process of creation is liberating in itself. I see independence as a kind of ability to control and examine yourself without flinching. What people think of me and what I do is not important. It all about self-realization, which itself is a kind of endurance test. To me, achieving something in this way is far more satisfying than to have woken up one day with a magical talent. True enlightenment is hard work. It requires bravery and determination, but the ultimate reward is to be discarded by the world, left in peace to float freely along your own path. My work is the product of this continuing struggle. It is the sound of my journey towards the lonely bliss of the cosmos."

In February 2007 she settled down in London to study philosophy (especially Wittgenstein), modern literature (especially William S. Burroughs) and art, and also to start her new music career in Europe.




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