Sing For China Tour 2009

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Sing For China Tour 2009

Sing For China Tour 2009, a tour by three Modern Sky artists through the USA


General Information

The Sing For China Tour will bring three of China’s biggest and best indie-rock bands to the U.S. for 28 days in August/September as part of an unprecedented effort by the Chinese music community to raise funds for charity China AIDS Orphan Fund.

Organized by: Modern Sky Records, US-branch (NYC)

Participating bands:


Sept. 5 - Hocofest (Tucson, AZ)

Sept. 6 - The Che Cafe, UCSD (San Diego, CA)

Sept. 8 - Silverlake Lounge (Los Angeles, CA)

Sept. 9 - Bottom Of The Hill (San Francisco, CA)

Sept. 11 - Artistery w/ Panther (Portland, OR)

Sept. 12 - Oregon State University (Corvalis, OR)

Sept. 14 - El Corazon (Seattle, WA)

Sept. 15 - The Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT)

Sept. 16 - Sokol Underground (Omaha, NE)

Sept. 17 - University of Minnesota, St. Paul Student Center (St. Paul, MN)

Sept. 18 - Iowa State University (Ames, IA)

Sept. 19 - Purdue University (Lafayette, IN)

Sept. 20 - Lager House (Detroit, MI)

Sept. 24 - Bennett Media Studio (New York, NY)

Sept. 25 - Modern Sky Festival NYC @ Columbia University (New York, NY)

Sept. 27 - Chinese Culture Festival (Washington, DC)

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