Socalled (Midi 2009)

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Socalled (Midi 2009), Hip Hop / Experimental / Indie from Canada


Josh Dolgin, Katie Moore, C-Rayz Walz, Gonzales, Kali, Ahmadou, Killah Priest, Ganesh Anandan, Theodore Bikel, Irving Fields, Wattsky, Susan Watts-Hoffman, Beyond the Pale, Teah, P-Love, Matisyahu, Trevor Dunn, Sophie Trudeau, Doris Glaspie, Elaine Hoffman, Adrienne Cooper, Matt Darriau, David Krakaeur, Manspino, Sans Pressions, Rodney.....


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Socalled is a musician, photographer, magician and writer based in Montreal. As a kid he was always in musicals. He hated soccer. He was bribed by his mother to continue piano lessons until high school, and then he picked up the accordion. He wrote for the newspaper and played in any kind of band – salsa, gospel, rock – then discovered MIDI and hip hop. He has now appeared on a dozen recordings as pianist, singer, arranger, rapper, writer and producer. Socalled performs and records widely with a crew of mixed-up freaks and geniuses from around the world, Established officially in 2005. Socalled’s most recent album, Ghettoblaster, was released in 2007 internationally to critical acclaim.

Further information

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2009