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Soma Records,

record label in Shanghai and the team behind MAO Livehouse Shanghai


Soma is Shanghai's second and only extant indie rock label. It is owned by Lao Yao, aka Jamyang Yeshi, formerly singer of band Chan, then a solo artist and producer with the first indie rock label Fanyin. The other two directors are DJ Tadi Yan and Crystal Butterfly singer Li Pang. Formed two years ago, their only album to date is the new age/folk "Easy World" out last December and by Shanghainese singer Sarah Zhong Chi, who sings in English on subjects of animal rights, environmentalism and vegetarianism.

"The guys there, all old friends and rockers from "my" generation of ShRock, have been reluctant to get involved with new bands, so I'm quite glad about their recent conversion. This fall they have five albums coming out: these three, a compilation of young Shanghainese bands (see October's column for more), and Zhong Chi's second album. I was over there last week and heard the in-progress Mogu, Momo and Ziran tracks - and they sound awsome!" - Lisa Movius[1]

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