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Song Yuzhe (宋雨喆

Song Yuzhe (宋雨喆), an folk / experiemental new folk singer and musician.


Song Yuzhe was the founder of the band Wood pushing melon 木推瓜乐队 in 1998, whichChinese rock. In 2002, Song Yuzhe left the band and began traveling extensively in Western China, turning his attention to folk music. He is on vocals, eight string banjo, and citten. In 2009 he formed the creative music unit Da Wang Gang 大忘杠乐队 and also started his solo career as folk singer.

Since 2009, Dawanggang is the band name of solo artist Song Yuzhe, who has been an important member of the independent Chinese music scene for the last ten years.

Within the band, all the musicians come from very different backgrounds. Da Wang Gang aims at crossing borders, creating a new musical identity where everyone's difference becomes a richness.

Dawanggang has two main projects in development at the moment:

  1. “Huang qiang zou ban” (Wild Tune Stray Rhythm): the expression comes from the Chinese Opera and refers to music which is slightly out of tune and rhythm. The series includes “Three Dakinis are Discussing”, and “Ashik Castle” (instrumental). These are musical projects inspired from songs and rhythms from Western China and Central Asia, using opera structures with folk songs and the musician’s own compositions and adaptations. The aim here is to create a new musical entity as well as using the differences between the musicians to the advantage of a greater communication.
  2. “Coming with Image, Going with Sound”: live music accompanies videos which include performances by folk artists filmed by Song Yuzhe in Tibet and Xinjiang over the years. Each show includes two parts, “We Go” and “They Come”. “We Go” leads us on a journey into nature from a traveler’s perspective, while “They Come” brings images of folk musicians into the live performance with the band.

Other Members:

XIAO HU on the horse-head fiddle from Inner-Mongolia; ADIL on the ghijak, a vertical violin from Xinjiang and the Uighur people; YANG JI on dance, vocals and different sounds and percussions from Tibet; TATO on the tabla; ZHANG JIAN on electronic organ and half zither. WANG FANG accompanies them with sound effects.

Music Albums:

  • Da Wang Gang: series of music albums (under production)
  • Huang Qiang Zou Ban: series of music and sound albums (under production)

These albums will include two types of music:

  1. Songs based on original folk music recordings and fieldwork which are edited/re-mixed,
  2. Compositions by the musician, often adopted from folk music

There are 3 Albums planned in 2009:

  • "Three Dakini are discussing"
  • "Ashik Castle"
  • "Mandala's Mandolin"

And also a series of Coming with Image, Going with Sound concerts: live music accompanied by videos shot by Song Yuzhe during numerous travels.Check out detailed information on this site in the future.

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Song Yuzhe (宋雨喆) is a Chinese folk artist. He plays solo and occasionally as part of the band Traveler, which includes Li Zenghui, Fenghao, and Shengjie.

On May 3rd, 2010, he performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

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