Sound of meditation within the body (Wang Fan)

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General Information

Artist: Wang Fan
Title: Sound of meditation within the body
Release Date: 2001
Label: Subjam Records
Type: CDDA
No. (cata): sub jam 005
ISRC: CN-F28-04-00480
Note: recorded in june 1999; joint release with ORIGIN

Track Listing

  • track 1
  1. black hole
  2. filtering into the core
  3. pilgrimages each on their own
  4. the original one chanting in chaos
  5. touching the dust-covered path
  6. helpless predestination
  • track 2
  1. an inward journey through birth, aging, suffering, death
  2. nirvana in the small hours of the morning

About this record

  • very first release of China's avant-garde/experimental music. it's classical and historical, composed and spiritual, brave and re-invented. wang fan recorded this by his rolland 1680 digital recorder at his home studio, then designed cover art by himself. then start his own label ORIGIN for mark himself. now ORIGIN was developed to Adopin, which is religionary term in south India language means "occur and gone".

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