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English name: Please include the English name
Chinese Name: Please include the Chinese name in Simplified Chinese or in Traditional Chinese in this field, e.g. 木马
Name in Pinyin: Please include the pinyin of the Chinese characters in this field. If possible including attonation.
Genre: Please enter all musical genres in this field that the song belongs to. You can enter several genre tags, such as "rock", "metal", etc. Please separate each value with an "," (comma), e.g. "Rock, Metal, Death Metal". Please capitalize each word (Death Metal is correct, Death metal is incorrect). That helps us later to find artists of the same genres. If there are too many genres, please concentrate on the main three and describe the rest in the history section below.
Instruments used in standard arrangement: Please enter all instruments that are being used for this song in its standard arrangement, e.g. Pipa or Guitar or Drums.
Performer / Artist: Please include the original artist of the song or the original performer. If this is a cover song, please mention here the covering band or artist.
Release Year: Which year was the song released?
Exact Release Date: Please only fill in if you really have the specific date. If not, please delete the year from the right box.
Record Year: Which year was the song recorded? Note: This can be different from the release year, such as recorded in 2012, but only released in 2013.
Exact Record Date: Please only fill in if you really have the specific date. If not, please delete the year from the right box. This is important for one time musical recordings, such as special live versions of known songs or jams. Relevant especially in the noise, electro, jazz and traditional scene.
Lyrics: Please enter the lyrics.
Youtube Video ID: Please enter a valid YOUTUBE ID tag for a preview video of the song. E.g. if you have the URL, please enter "a_ZAqBl6dIk".
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Song Category:
Please enter either "Modern", "Traditional" or "After1900".

Traditional refers to songs known before 1900. After1900 refers to songs written and recorded after 1900. Modern refers to songs of recent time (1980s plus).

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