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Stay Gold, punk from Taiwan



Stay Gold is a second generation Taiwan punk band that formed in 2005 and is based between in Taichung and Taipei. They obviously reference Japanese skate punks Hi Standard in their name and draw influence from contemporary Chinese bands Brain Failure and Reflector. Gau June shares the frontman position with resident Japanese punk rocker Keichiro, also of Heavy Smoker, who covers vocals and guitar action while Jafy from Semi-con and Duct Tape is featured on bass. Stay Gold belong to the ZMN Records punk collective alongside and have released their first EP Taiwan Punk We Are Coming with the label.

Starting out with gigs at Nuno's in Taichung, Stay Gold went on to play ZMN organized Let's Punk Rock events often held at Lounge 808 in Taipei's Ximen Ding. Since then, Stay Gold has joined major festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz and even toured in China in the summer of 2007. Some of their live performance can be seen on the ZMN Records DVD release He Got Our Suck and, despite going on indefinite hiatus due to military service, they occasionally make it out to play.

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