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Steely Heart

Steely Heart (钢铁的心 gang tie de xin or 钢铁之心 gang tie zhi xin), Beijing Brit-pop/punk band



sai li 赛力 - vocals

wang yue 王岳 - bass

wang lei 王磊 - guitars

cheng xi - drums


December 21st, 2007
Steely Heart, D-22, Photo (c) User:Azchael
April 7th, 2010
赛力 of Steely Heart,mao livehouse, Photo (c) Albert Chuang, link

Steely Heart(钢铁的心)最初的固定成员只有哈萨克族的北京男孩赛力和贝斯手王岳。乐队的名字来源于二人倒霉经历:两人于2000年结识并准备组建一支乐队,但无奈运气不佳,经常你受伤我住院,厄运不断。直到2007年5月,吉他手王磊和鼓手蒙蒙的加入才终止了二人的霉运,于是主唱赛力用“钢铁的心”命名自己的乐队,以歌颂自己执著的音乐信念。之后,韩国籍的键盘手崔悦石加入,乐队阵容这才确定。Steely Heart的音乐表面上是new wave和dance punk的路线,但主唱赛力在任何场合都不避讳他对朋克和车库摇滚的热爱。因此,很多人笑谈Steely Heart的现场仿佛是Franz Ferdinand在给Iggy Pop伴奏。09年1月的《音乐时空》Steely Heart评为2009年最具潜力的新乐队。

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Steely Heart (钢铁之心乐队) is a quiet, unassuming Beijing indie band labeling themselves new wave indie. They're likely found at indie mainstays Mao Livehouse or 2 Kolegas.

Participant of the Strawberry Music Festival 2009. August 8th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Stage 2.

April 7th, 2010, they performed during the Female Punks” Vs. “Men of Steel in the Mao Livehouse. According to Beijing Daze:It was my first time seeing these guys and I came out fairly impressed with their musical ability. The crowd at Mao was really into them and they have one interesting guitar player in there.. the kid had more energy than the rest of the band combined![1] On April 24th, they performed at the 2 Kolegas. According to Beijing Gig Guide:they took the stage some­where after ridicu­lous o’clock. I’m glad I stuck around for them, though, because they are always a great act. They played some new songs that I didn’t rec­og­nize from their EP, and of course all the famil­iar ones.[2] On May 2nd, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010. On August 21st, they performed during the Max Star Music Festival in the Ditan Park. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Maybe it was the long sound­check time. Maybe it was the dregs of rain and the grey skies. Maybe it was the fact that it was day­time and nei­ther the band nor the crowd had been drunk for hours. What­ever it was, there was some­thing decid­edly lack­lus­tre about this Steely Heart per­for­mance. Lead singer Saili kept his hands behind his back for most of the set, and only dared to rock out at the very last song — Sexy Lie. It prob­a­bly didn’t help that their sound was ter­ri­ble, even after tak­ing so long to set up, and every song sounded as though it was drown­ing in synthesizers..[3]

July 31st, 2011, they performed at the InMusic Festival in Zhangbei. According to Ruby of Beijing Daze: Steely Heart rocked the crowd, I’ve sent these guys a couple of times in Beijing and they never really caught my attention, but they were great in a festival setting with the crowd clapping and singing along.[4]

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