Strawberry (Saul)

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General information

Artist Saul
English title Strawberry
Publisher Weary Bird Records
Date of release 2012 exactly on 2012/06/08
Release Type CD, Digital
Catalogue Number Bird 003
Languages on Record English
Total Discs 1
Total Tracks 7
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.




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Track Listing

  1. Strawberry 08:08
  2. Little Prince 07:55
  3. Accident By The Sea 08:20
  4. I've Given All And I'm Now Nothing 09:01
  5. Narnia 06:49
  6. The Less The Better 06:44
  7. Summer Ends 09:29

Further Information

  • After a lengthy incubation, the very first album of Saul, a one man Post-Rock project from China, is now finally out! We already heard a lot about grief, rapture and tranquilness, but Saul still touches our heartstring. This is a lonely musical journey of Saul's. Alone he walked through rain and snow, thunder and mist, summer and winter, then he composed beautiful stories by all the sceneries he's seen. Single authoring didn't make these works monotonous, on the contracy, manifold, colorful, rich melodic instruments and samplings can be heard in this album. One record is a footnote of a journey, maybe the new travel is around the corner. Released on 4-Panel Digipak CD, Only 500 copies!
  • Bandcamp
  • Weary Bird Records Info page