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Swan Punch China Tour 2012 is 3 piece tour with Danish metal bands in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou


General Information

Danish metal bands on China tour: The Kandidate (Denmark) & Scarred By Beauty (Denmark)

The Kandidate

The Kandidate is a danish metal/hardcore band, formed in 2009 by ex-members of The Downward Candidate and Hatesphere. Especially vocalist Jacob Bredahl has become a rock star in among Chinese metal heads due his incredible performance on Midi Festival 2007 in Beijing.

But make no mistake, the music of The Kandidate evolved for the better. Retaining the energy that spawned them, The Kandidate now delivers both the heaviest and the most frantic chaos they have ever created, due in part to the addition of new drummer Niels Peter, whose Spartan drumming and new creative force has helped the members approach songwriting as a united band.

The obvious benefits of producing your own band cannot override the undeniable obstacles of producing yourself. So when it came time for Jacob to record the vocals, producer Tue Madsen was enlisted to squeeze out every last drop of bodily fluid from Jacob’s performance. The recording sessions ultimately ended on a new high.

The Kandidate released their debut album “Until We Are Outnumbered” in 2010. They released their second album: “Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death” in January 2012.

Scarred By Beauty

Scarred By Beauty was formed in 2006 by brothers Dennis and Daniel Leszkowicz and childhood friend Jonathan Albrechtsen (Ex Hatesphere). In 2007 highschool friend Asser Mortensen joined the band, and in 2010 the last piece of the puzzle was found, when long time friend Chris Kreutzfeldt (ex drummer in Mudslide) joined as well. In spite of very different musical backgrounds and preferences such as reggae, hip hop, soul, death metal and house SBB shares a mutual love for the more extreme genres and through years the band has been developing their talent together. Early on it became clear for the young band (which has an average age of no more than 21 years) that the aim is to perform live. The hyperactive musicians are dedicated and aware about their choices. The core of SBB has always been deep friendship and high spirits, which also is part of the explanation to the band’s, in the metal industry, unorthodox appearance of joy and positivity.

Their EP “We Swim” won at Danish Metal Awards 2009 in the category “Talent of the Year”. The jury, who chose “We Swim” out of 25 other Danish submissions, had the following to say: “The winner of this award truly stood out. The song writing, the sound and the furious arrangements, the intelligence and uniqueness make We Swim the genuine stand out“. The members of the jury consisted of international representatives from record labels and music press such as Roadrunner Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Lifeforce Records, Massacre Records, Listenable Records and MetalHammer UK.


Now the two leading Danish metal bands joint forces to invate the Chinese metalsphere! Beware! There will be loads of pogo, circle pit and head banging on the way ... Tourdates



  • Venue: Tango 3rd Floor (东城区和平里西街79号,雍和宫桥北)
  • Date: 2012.04.19 - 20:00
  • Warmup bands: 堕天 The Falling, 锯 S.A.W.
  • Tickets: 100 RMB pre-sale /150 RMB at doors


  • Venue: TBD
  • Date: 2012.04.21
  • Tickets: TBD


  • Venue: Musician Livehouse(广州市海珠区南华中路180号兰亭御园首层,海幢寺北门旁)
  • Date: 2012.04.22 - 20:00
  • Warmup bands: TBD
  • Tickets: 80 RMB pre-sale /120 RMB at doors

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