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>>> NEw aLBUM >>> 八首给中女孩的歌 / 8 songs for chinese girls (Troy Von Balthazar)

TROY VON BALTHAZAR (夏威夷) 源于Nirvana同一时期的音乐运动。1993至94年, Kurt Cobain曾邀请只有二十出头的TVB的组合Chokebore参与Nirvana史上的美国最后一次巡回演出。Kurt Cobain没有看走眼,TVB确实是难得可贵的词曲作家和演绎者。他与他的组合在世界各地频繁演出并录制了6张大碟直至2003年乐队解散。
从此TVB开始他的独奏生涯,包括在著名Elliott Smith录音室录制了 他的个人首张专辑的一部分以及直至2006年的长时间世界巡回演出(总数超过200场)。在此后一段时间,他集中精力撰写了他的第一部微型小说《3个女孩子》,但是他从未放弃过对音乐的执着与热爱。与大师Leonard Cohen的邂逅与深厚友谊使他投入更多新的歌词创作。


TROY VON BALTHAZAR (Hawaii) is certainly one of the most precious songwriter from the 90's.
... A precious indie musician who will play in China on next September.
In the beginning of his career he was the frontman of the hawaiian band CHOKEBORE.
In 93 & 94 KURT COBAIN chose his band like warm-up band for severals dates in US. At this time, the leader of NIRVANA thought CHOKEBORE was one of the best band on stage.
So, with KURT COBAIN like godfather, CHOKEBORE started to play all around the world ... and from 1993 to 2003 they recorded 6 albums:

- Motionless 1993
- Anything Near Water 1995
- A Taste For Bitters 1996
- Black Black 1998
- It's a miracle 2002
- A Part From Life 2003 (Compilation CD)

Expanding on the slow, sad landscapes of CHOKEBOREs later works, TROY VON BALTHAZAR started to perform all instruments (mainly acoustic and electric guitars, drums, vocals and taped samples) himself on studio and on stage. In 2005, he released his first solo album (a part was recorded 2 years before in the studio of his friend: ELLIOTT SMITH).
From 2004, he performs himself on stage, more than 200 gigs in Europe and U.S.
During his travels he wrote a book about women : "3 Girls" (2006).
But his life is music so, he continues to search inspiration with some famous artists as LEONARD COHEN to prepare his new album (2nd solo album) which will be available in China on June 09.

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CHINA TOUR CITIES / 中国巡演2009年8-9月

南京 8.27 | 古堡酒吧 / Castle Bar
上海 8.28 | Logo
杭州 8.29 | Traveller Bar
广州 8.30 | 江湖边 / Jiang Hu Bian w/HZ (frontman of The Swamp 沼泽)
长沙 9.01 | Freedom House
贵阳 9.02 | 达加·舍 / Marijuana Nest
成都 9.04 | 小酒馆 / Little Bar
西安 9.05 | 日落之前酒吧 / Ri Luo Zhi Tian Bar
武汉 9.06 | Vox Bar w/Hua Lun 华伦
大连 9.10 | 长青藤鼓乐俱乐部 / Chang Qing Teng Drum Club w/Wang Wen 惘闻
天津 9.11 | Nic Club
北京 9.12 | 愚公移山 / Yu Gong Yi Shan w/IDH Illusion Division by the Hand

Promoted by Wangba Records, Beijing
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TROY VON BALTHAZAR discography & writings
- EP1 2003
- EP2 2004
- LP1 / Self Titled 2005
- LIVE IN PARIS dvd 2006
- EP3 2007
- 3 GIRLS (book) 2008
- TvB 3EP 2009
- 八首给中女孩的歌 2009 (Chinese compilation CD)
- LP2 / not released yet 2010